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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by bigcatmaniac, Mar 11, 2008.

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    California Miss
    Well, i have been looking for a new reel for this year. i just dont know which one to pick out. i have been looking at what Penn has to offer and i dont know if i should get the 220GTO, the 230GTO, the 310GTO, or the 320GT2. I have held all of these reels but i just cant pick which one is best. Let me know what you guys think about these reels.
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    Dear Brother Starr;
    Ethan, now you know your going to stir up one heck of a hornets nest!:smile2:
    I would consider what kind of fishing you do. Not everyone is after Trophy Blues ya know. But if your thinking about ever tangling with an 80#+ Blue you might consider getting the one that will hold the most line of the test you plan on using or the highest test you would be using.
    If money is no object, :roll_eyes: then buy them ALL!:smile2::big_smile::wink:
    Now that you have quit being doubled over laughing ... T-hee-hee :wink::smile2: think about this. Each Reel has it's own merits and downfalls. Get yourself a piece of paper list each reel at the top and on the side list the qualities that you consider important for the type, and/or style of fishing that your going to be doing 90% of the time.
    Then checkmark each quality that each reel has and pick the one that has the most checkmarks. Having said that I'm going to guess that two or more reels have the same number of checkmarks. If so, my suggestion would be go to the reel that has the larger capacities.
    Failing that, get out a quarter, or a silver dollar coin, or coin of some kind and start flipping for it! Flip either one time for each or go for two out of three or more if your nerves will stand for it.
    One last thing you might consider. As a generality, the reels that have more bearings are usually of better quality but this in itself is not, nor should it be, the final decision maker.
    Penn makes good reels, I have an old style 9500 SS Ocean Spinning Reel that has 5 bearings and holds 330 yards of 30# test standard monofilament. I've yet to have it fail me but I don't say that too loudly because if you knew how my luck generally goes you would understand why I don't say things like that too loudly! I don't want to break the good spell!:wink:
    I'm sure a lot of our Brothers and Sisters will be happy to give you a suggestion as to which one to get.
    But the bottom line and the final question has to be: "Am I going to be happy with this choice with NO regrets?"
    Answer that question truthfully, that is being True to Yourself, and you will have your answer. :big_smile:
    Otherwise, as I said, money being no object, buy them all, try them all, and give away, sell, raffle, or otherwise get rid of the other three, Or keep them all! Another decision you might have to make! :eek:oooh::smile2:
    Hope you don't laugh too hard!! :wink: DO send me a PM when you finally get one and let me know which one you got! ... PLEASE!
    Fraternally Yours,
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    How about a spinning reel. I have a Quauntum Optic 80, large freshwater reel. Drag is superb. Comes with 2 spools and holds a boat load of line. Have one spool with 30# and one with 40#.
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    I've had the 320 GTI. I used it for years for snagging spoonbill so I wouldn't take a chance on warping the spool shaft on my nice 7000. Snagging spoonbill can get real rough with some of the sizes you hang in to.

    Last year I got a Abu Garcia 9000BG. It throws 10 times better than my Penn, and as easy as my 7000s. I took it apart with the Penn to compare parts and found that the 9000 was beefier. I got rid of the Penn. I've caught alot of spoonbill so far on the 9000 and hung in to some I couldn't get in, just snapped the 40lb test like it was nothing! The reel holds up great, casts great, and reels smooth as hell.

    Like you said, you're looking for opinions. Mine is that the best modern Penn is an Abu 9000BG, LOL.
  5. bigcatmaniac

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    California Miss
    Thanks guys for your input, i will have to take a look at those Abu Garcia reels soon.
  6. kscathunter

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    Pflueger contender G30 is the same size and price as a 220gto and imo a far better reel. I highly reccomend checking one out.:cool2::wink:
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    It ALL depends on your applications! I have had a few of the Penn 220 gto's and had problems with the level-wind system on them. The Penn 209's have been GREAT reels for me (there also cheaper than the 220's) If you can afford them, the Shamano Takota's are well made reels!:big_smile: