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whats the main or favorite

  • p-blossoms

  • peppers

  • tomatoes

  • onions

  • okra

  • corn

  • asparagus

  • zuchinni

  • other

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Pole beans yellow/Kentucky wonder/purple pod Yum mm Yum mm. Get some jaw bacon, onions and them pole beans. Yummmm Yum mm. We grow mater's too. I plant a lot of watermelons, pumpkins and fall squash. I like to bust 2-3 melons a day for the chickens and geese. Even my wifes stupid horse likes watermelon. I love to eat the hearts out of them.

I give away pumpkins and gourds and Indian corn in the fall, our whole neighborhood is decorated. I think every kid needs a pumpkin. LOL

I make a lot of stewed tomatoes and salsa. We freeze green beans and sweet corn.

I'm so ready for spring and my garden you folks would not believe. Last year my kidneys tryed quitting about the time I needed to be tilling between the melons, pumpkins and gourds, so I lost that whole patch. All we had was our early garden's tomato's, beans, asparagus's , beets and sweet potatoes.

We still have snow on the ground here and the ground is froze too. The lakes have 12" of ice on them.

Where's SPRING?????????????????????
1 - 1 of 58 Posts
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