What's Your Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe?

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    Okay all you gourmets! What's your favorite Thanksgiving recipe? I claim fame to a pretty darn good dressing. Here's how I do it.

    2 c buttermilk corn meal mix
    1 egg
    3/4 c chopped onion
    1/2 c chopped bell pepper
    3/4 c chopped celery
    1 1/4 c milk
    1 tsp. sage
    1/2 tsp. garlic powder
    3 c chicken broth

    Mix all ingredients together and bake in 400* oven. When golden brown, remove and let cool about 10 minutes. Then break up with fork, add chicken broth, and run back in oven until top begins to get crispy. Really simple, really fast.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Stuffin,stuffin and more stuffin. LOL!

  3. 223reload

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    Mines gotta be my brined,hickory smoked turkey,I'll post the directions later. I have a jr high basket ball game to attend and root for the youngun.:wink:
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    North Carolina
    I'd have to say that for me its the turkey gravy. Family ask that I make it no matter where we are eating.

    I really don't do a thing other than guess at the amount of oil to put in the pot, add flour till I have a paste and brown it slowly till it has a smell like roasted nuts and a rich brown color. But one burned speck will ruin it all. Add the drippings from the turkey and the broth from the giblets until I have about the right thickness then add condensed milk.

    Thanks for posting your dressing recipe. I'll have to give that a try.
  5. 223reload

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    My turkey brine:

    1C non iodised salt
    1C brown sugar
    1/2 gal water
    1T cayanne pepper
    2T rubbed sage
    1 beer
    1t oregano

    Bring this to a boil,yhen pour into a cooler large enough to hold the turkey [completely submerged] Now ,Hrers the twist . I make this in a condensed version,after I make two batches ,I add 10 lbs of ICE,this does two things,it cools the brine ,and dilutes it to the proper consistency. Place the turkey in brine for 1 hr /lb then I smoke in a smoker at 250* for approx 1 hr per lb. check when close to time . its done when the temp is 170*
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    Take 1 large turkey, carve it.
    Give the white meat to someone else.
    Keep all the dark meat for yourself.
    Take a large fresh loaf of sourdough bread (maybe 2) and cut into nice thick slices.
    Have some of your favorite dressing, condiments and dark beer to hand.
    Make a pile of sandwiches that you cannot see over.
    Eat sandwiches washed down with beer until you slip into a coma.

    I know, not really a recipe but....Mmmmm, can't wait:big_smile:...W
  7. Dano

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    I got to have Jal pepper dressing. My wife makes the dressing. Normal way Which is good.
    I add fresh dice Jal peppers by the hand full. Bake dressing. Good stuff.
    We love fried turkey.
    I eye ball the stuff I use and I mix it strong for frying.
    In a jar I mix onion and garlic power. Whshire sauce, couple drops Tabasco sauce, fine black pepper, little salt, prefer sea salt, and a bunch of Adams Cajun season. This year I’m adding some real butter to the mix.
    Night before I eject the bird till it can’t hold any more. I fill it up.
    Let sit over night and sprinkle more Cajun season all over it, inside and out before dropping in peanut oil for the fry.
    It always comes out good.
    My wife bought too small of a turkey this year ( 15lb ) so I will probably pick up another one and do 2. Might smoke one using the same Cajun seasoning. Only difference I add a stick of butter , whole onion to the middle and flip turkey over every now and then so the juice will drain back and forth while smoking on the pit.
    Then all the other food that goes with it.
    I love TG and Christmas cooking

    Happy TG everyone.
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    I've done turkeys many different ways, but recently brined one and roasted it. It turned out to be the most flavorful and moist white meat I've ever eaten.

    I know your smoked birds are delicious.

    I was thinking how good a brined pheasant would be, then read a post about a marinated pheasant on here. Quite similar to the brining process without the salt.

    If I'm in a hurry, it'll get fry'd. But when there's time to brine it, that's my way to go. It saves more dark meat than frying.

    I looked at several brine recipes and just decided that the most important ingredients were the kosher salt and sugars, in the right proportions. then add whatever spices you like.