Whats working this time of year?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing' started by AZflats, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. AZflats

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    Peoria, Arizona
    Howdy bros~

    The little black ant has been picking up gills and bass from by back yard pond lately, but have not had reactions on anything else.

    Is anybody doing any good with a fly rod? If so, what's working for you?

    Take care!
  2. Salmonid

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    SW Ohio
    I imagine, even in AZ., that the days are getting shorter and slightly cooler, sugestions would be to go deeper, and slower as fish ( even in mild climates ) are continually adjusting for sun and hours of sunlight, so slow down, go deeper, try a olive wooley bugger , ( bead Head) and work the deeper edges.
    Heck its snowing up here tomorrow night so I envy you that you can still flyfish a pond there, here, you would be asking for a skunking with water temps in the mid 40's