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    top of the morning to ya. this has nothing to do with fishing, was just wondering about this. I saw today where mike tyson went to jail for 2 hours for a dui charge. saw 3 more well known people charged with dui, crack, and other stuff. and only got a couple hours jail time for it.1 only got 84 minutes jail time. if it had been me or you, we would be in jail for a while and pay a big fine.are they 2 sets of laws. one for the rich and one for the rest of us. whats up with this. something is not right. if things like this keeps up. then someone like Oprah or Ted turner could become drug dealers and not worry about getting in trouble for it. they could always pay their way out of anything. somethings not right here. oh well, thats the way it goes. have a blessed day
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    i dont neccesarily think there are 2 sets of laws, i think that there are just diffrent lawyers that can get someone off of anything. plus it seems like the legal system doesnt want the publicity that they seem to get from sentencing or even trying a so called celebrity. look at the OJ Simpson "soap opera" that is going on right now. for one he got away with double homicide, then he has the audacity to go and try to "reclaim" some of his so called stolen property. he took 3 people with him, took the workers hostage and had them at gun point, but swears to god that he did nothing wrong. that would be like me trying to go into the IRS with a gun and wanting all of the taxes i have paid for the last 10 years back. do you think i would get away with it? i highly doubt it, because i am just a regular guy, not a washed up football player or actor who was in a few crappy movies. what is wrong with the world today. top paid celebrities are getting minimal sentences for the most ludicris acts. Paris Hilton got out of jail after 20 some odd days for something we would have been in there for 6 months to a year. i am not proud to say it but i have had a few run ins with the law, spent a few night in lock up. it was my own stupidity, but it is nothing like what these people are trying to pull.

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    freedom aint free.
    You get what you pay for, or who you know.
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    It's not two sets of laws, but the standard of living these folks have. If ya got lots of money you can have a lawyer on retainer, who's obligated to roll when ya call. Speeds things up is all. It's not the system, it's the balance in the bank account.
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    If the high dollar lawyer and the wealthy celebrity can walk then there is something wrong with the system. I'm fed up with this kind of thing. Poor workin smuck cant get a break like that. It is time to overhaul the system. The people of this country should be in an uproar and they just let it all happen. Makes me sick.