Whats This "Fishing" About?

Discussion in 'LOCAL MISSOURI TALK' started by moriver, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. moriver

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    Just catchin fish correct? Now when I was younger it
    was but as I have grown older it has changed. Fishing keeps me grounded. My wife has one rule that she wont bend on and that is that Scott must have A FISHIN BOAT...It just sets my mind at ease. I go to see my kids smile, meet new folks, spend time with old friends, hear my dads stories about when he was a kid, watch the sun set and rise the next morning, make memories that some day I can look back on when I am stuck in a chair in front of a TV because I am not able to make it to the lake. When all that gets done I hope I caught some fish along the way. Some days I gota tell ya I dont really care if I catch fish. Lots to be said for a nice evening on the water and a little cat nap....Just remember we all have different reasons but we all need to stick together as Brothers and Sisters. Have a good one, Make some memories and be safe on the water.

    If you have time give this a watch. Its about my speed you could say.


  2. mintaka

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    Charlotte , N.C
    Mainly relaxation and to be in solitude. It happens on a few occasions I make the mistake of going on those 'picture perfect weekends' and end up leaving due to all the boat traffic , people walking the shore , et al.. One of these days I am going to go in the A.M. when I get off and hopefully , I can really relax - just be careful not to fall asleep as this is what I usually do when I leave work.

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    Good post - fishing is the fun part, catching is a bonus:wink:
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    building memories is what its all about , for me anyway.. the fish is a bonus