Whats the deal at Tappan?

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    Uhrichsville, OH
    Friend of the family was out last Thursday and mentioned he saw about 20-50 catfish floating dead. Haven't been on the forums lately so this may have been posted or the reason is super simple. But at the moment it is mind boggling to me.

    Was hoping to go next week for one of my last times, unless there's a scare that i don't know about.:eek:oooh:
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    have not heard anything ,but if i do we will let you know

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    My guess would be dead from a catfish tourney release. I've seen that a day or 2 after bass tourney's with bass.

    People will release the fish alive, but the fish are so stressed and barely alive that they end up dead. You see it a good bit with the all night tourney's. Go to some weigh-ins and see some of the fish turned in. Some of them look dead but are still barely alive. I'm not knocking tourneys as I fish some here and there, but some people don't take care fo the fish very well. Watch a few of the hot shots that show up to weigh ins with flatheads in the bed of their truck or in the boat in no water and sit them on the ground with no water.

    I have not heard of anything else happening at Tappan, but it could be from something else too. I really don't know for sure.
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    i agree with ya and i heard tappan turned over also