Whats the current world records?

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  1. kscathunter

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    Whats the current world records for flats and blues? From what Ive found its:
    123# flat 124# blue. Is this correct? My friend at work and someone else there thought their was a 146#, or something like that, blue caught but the biggest I found was mister Pruitts.
  2. Rat

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    Forrest Illinoi
    124 lb Blue
    123 lb Flathead
    58 lb Channel

    It's possible a 146 lb blue was caught, but it either wasn't submitted as a record, or was caught on something other than rod and reel.

  3. griz

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    There was a 139lb flathead taken in Arkansas in 1982 but it was caught on a snagline. A 127lb blue was taken in a hoop net in the Arkansas section of the Mississippi River. A 51lb channel was caught from Lake Wilhelmina in Arkansas.
    There was also a 134lb blue cat taken in Tn. on a trot line.
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    The 123lb flathead supposedly was caught on 12lb line with a zebco 33. I have always found this too hard to believe. His story just doesn't sound right to me. Personally i think he found it recenetly dead and called it his own. I've ware out several zebcos on much smaller fish and i cant even see how there's enough line to bring one in.
  5. Dano

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    Bet he gets free zebco reels and line for life. LOL
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    LOL...they probaly paid him to do a commercial for them.....LOL:p
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    That story never added up to me either.
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    the world record flathead was seen floating but alive the day before it was caught by two regulars to the area. the witnesses on the day it was caught said that it was choking on a 4 lb. carp that it had tried to swallow tail first. my father-in-law talked to a park ranger and he said there was not a sign on the fish that it was snagged but that ken wasn't to eager to say how exactly he did hook the fish. kinda funny that he turned down 2 magazine offers to purchase the fish and bass pro had called to see what the condition of the fish was to see if it was stable enough to put on exhibit.
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    Im thinking that he caught it on a trot line, wasnt sure if it was a new record or not, all he had with him was that 33, and didnt want the fish to lose weight while he ran home to get the big rod and reel , so he took it straight to closest ranger station to get it verified. At least thats what ive always thought in the back of my mind. Either way it went , I wish he would come over to the BOC and take questions and provide answers. Who knows maybe he did catch it how he said he did. :confused:
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    RE: Record Flathead story

    There is definitely something wrong with the story, it would be impossible for something that big to withstand the zebco line and reel. The fact that the guy who "caught" it has not told his whole story to the world a hundred times over tells something about it also. If I or any normal fisherman caught the record I would be relaying my story to anyone who would listen and be proud to do it.

    I suppose the mystery behind it kind of adds to the lore of the big guy though.