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    Have ever caught on a " CANE POLE ". I used to do a lot of crappie fishing and one of my favorite ways was grab up the ole cane pole and 3 dozen minnows and head for my crappie hole. A nice secluded little cove that was just full of spawning crappie. My canepole is 16' long real bamboo with 20# mono for getting out of brush and landing the occasional biggun. When I crappie fished , I had a 10 fiberglass extension pole with lighter line.

    My canepole catches include..........
    carp 8 lbs
    drum 6 lbs
    channelcat 4 lbs.
    crappie 2 lbs
    I had a carp on it one time that I lost at the bank that looked to be over 20 lbs. The hook came out! What a blast to have one that size on a short leash!!! I had to run up and down the bank of the pond when he would start to pull really hard. He dragged me all over the place and I'll never forget it. Well at least I hope I wont forget it anyway.:smile2::smile2::smile2:
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    I caught a 4 or 5 pound carp, and 2 or 3 pound channels on a cane pole. I have alot of good memories using a cane pole on the great miami and small lakes and ponds as a kid.

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    Louisville, Ken
    I really cannot tell you what they weighed,been so long ago,,But weve caught some big shell crackers,bluegills and crappie around 2# at least, 3-5# channels..My bro layed his canepole down and a fish quickly took it in the pond, we watched that pole being dragged around for a couple of hrs before my cusin jumped in and got it. that pole was bent double:smile2:It was a big dark-colored catfish somewhere around 5-8#?.

    Thanks for the ? John;;Brings back some good memories:wink:
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    No idea bout weight, but growing up i caught alot of fish on one. Daddy had a zebco 33 he let me bass fish in the ponds around home with and i thought i was the stuff. They finally came out with the fiberglass crappie poles and i really thought i had hit pay dirt then:wink: Those were the good days and i would give life itself to paddle my big fat momma around in a boat one more time.
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    I have made about 10 cane poles and set them up out behind the house on the river and have caught plenty of 2-7 lb channels. i just leave em and come back with them on there.