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Discussion in 'NFL Talk' started by bigcatmaniac, Sep 14, 2008.

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    I have watched a lot of the pre-game shows but i had to call it quits and just shut the tv off. It seems like no matter where i go all i hear is Tom Brady this and Tom Brady that. What is so special about Tom Brady. Should we start callin the NFL the Tom Brady football league. I mean jeeze how many times do they have to go through what happened? Why dont they cover all the other injured players like they cover him? I dont know why but it just gets under my skin when the announcers focus on one person, its like they are saying that if it wasnt for him there would be nothing. Well football is a TEAM sport, he is not the worlds best football player and probably never will be. Sorry if i affended any body but im just sick of hearing about Tom Brady...
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    i agree so much with that statement it is a team sport and there are several injuries each and every week most of which you never hear about tom brady is good but that o-line is what makes him good you dont get pressure you get easy passes and easy completions