whats the best rig for cape fear

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  1. buddy_25_99

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    North Carolina
    whats the best set up for fishing in cape fear. i usally use a three way swivel with the sinker and a hook nothing fancy but what seems to work well
  2. navigator

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    NC- Brunswick County
    Unless i am using a live bait (bream, large shiner etc) that is the rig I usually use. I usually run a two hook rig though sometimes with a diff bait on one hook vs the other.

    Basically a spot rig for saltwater with a little more space between the hooks.

    For a bream i usually use a carolina rig.

    Sometimes at night I have used a regular old float type rig as well.

  3. ncriverrat

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    Trinity, NC
    30lb test w/1oz. slip weight then two way barrel swivel.50 lb mono leader and 4/0 or 5/0 kahle hook. bait can swim freely.
  4. Mako

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    I like to use a carolina rig with a circle hook.........good luck!
  5. joe0580

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    north carolina
    it really depends on if fishing froma boat, bank or whatever. from a boat i use a carolina type rig with a large 150 lb barrell swiwvel. and a 40 or 50 pound shock leader to an 9/0 hook. with a small bead between the weight and barrell swivel. now for bank fishing i use a 3 way swivel and a small line like 10 pound for the weight in case of snagging. better to lose a weight than fish of a lifetime. tied to anywhere from 2 oz to 8 oz weight. now for the hook end i use 40 pound line to a 8/0 to 9/0 hook. i use only 6 to 8 inchs of line for weight end while i use anywhere from 12 inchs to 2 feet depending on current and such. a lot of guys ave fished on here with me from bank and can tell you that the hook line length does matter. cats DO NOT EAT right off the bottom the eat from 10 to 14 inchs we have found. i hope this helps some