Whats Is Good For Fleas

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Ace, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Ace

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    Gastonia N
    Just woundering if any one knows what is good for fleas on a dog ?
    I have a bad time with fleas this time every year.I have bought every kind of flea killer on the market.After about 3 days the fleas are back.I spray all the dogs houses.And all the dog lots.My wife went to the vet he gave her some drops for $12 bucks it lasted about a week it was only enough for one dog.All my dogs stay out side.You guys that have hunting do you have the same problem?

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  2. jlingle

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    Altus, Okl
    I feel your pain, Ernest. I run a greyhound farm that has hundreds of dogs on the farm, and we go through a flea problem every summer as well. Fleas are frustrating, and pretty dadgum tough to get rid of. Okay, tell you something you don't know, right? Okay, for the "helpful" part, hopefully. The best thing on the market for fleas is Frontline. It's the stuff that you put on your dog's back. Usually costs about $8 per dog, but it works in most cases for around a month. It sounds to me like you have a real flea problem, so if I were you, I'd either call in an experienced flea killing bug man professional..... or go at the fleas myself with better weaponry than you've been using. Any farm & ranch store will carry Permethrin. Mix it according to the label (or a little stronger if you're feeling especially hateful towards fleas) and spray your whole property. If you are just treating the dogs, then your fleas are probably leaving the dogs and then jumping back on when your treatment starts to wear down, or you may even be killing the fleas on your dogs. The problem is, fleas dont' stay on your dogs all the time. Hopefully the Permethrin will kill a vast majority of the fleas on your property, and also it'll make your place look a little less inviting towards a flea. Also, they lay eggs and the darn eggs will hatch & you'll have fleas all over again. To combat this, you need a chemical that kills the eggs too. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the chemical that we use for this. Sorry.

    Anyway, good luck. I hate fleas too.


  3. laidbck111

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    I put lime and 7 dust around the yard outside of the fence so my dogs don't get in to it and then we put advantix on the dogs
  4. 223Smitty

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    Ace, I believe I'd read somewhere that sprinkling alittle yeast in their food will help. You might do a search on the internet to see if I'm sorrect.

  5. Nobody Special

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    I used Frontline on my dog. One application will kill ticks for up to a month and will kill fleas for 3 months. There is a lot of fake Frontline on the market. I got some fake stuff off the internet last year. I ordered online from Foster & Smith this year and got the real stuff. They are cheaper than Petmeds.

    For the yard and dog beds, Sevin dust which you can get real cheap in the garden center at Walmart or any other garden supply store works real good. It's also good for bugs on your garden plants. Sevin dust is the same ingredient in flea powder you buy at the pet store except you can get a 5 lb. bag at a garden center for what one little tiny can will cost you in the pet store (about $5.00). You can dust your dog down with it and it won't hurt him.
  6. MRR

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    Go to your vet and get frontline.I"ve been useing it on my dog and ever now and then you'll find a dead flea on her hair ,but in the 9 years we have been useing it we have never seen a live one. I do believe that it is well worth the money. Try useing 7 . Dust in thier sleeping area,that might help out some.Most of the store bought stuff is a big JOKE.
  7. Catgirl

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    Hi Ernest. Here's my take on things. The lime and Sevindust combo works well to control fleas in your yard and/or dog lot. However, for controlling fleas on the dogs I prefer a once a month oral tablet. I use Sentinel, which is a combination of milbemycin oxime (prevents heartworms and intestinal worms) and lufenuron (for fleas). I have no problem with fleas whatsoever. I don't like topical medications because they are messy; and if you have outside dogs or dogs that swim they aren't reliable. Some are "supposedly" waterproof, but I have tried several brands to no avail. They never last the total time specified. Sentinel isn't cheap (I get a good deal at around $8 a tab). About the best price I have found is in the Drs.Foster&Smith catalog. If you don't receive this, PM me and I will put you on their mailng list. You will have to have your dog tested for heartworms prior to administering Sentinel, because a prescription is required. My vet matches the mail order price (which is $35 less than his price), perhaps yours would also. If your dogs already take a heartworm preventative, I would recommend Program (lufenuron only). You can save money by buying the Sentinel, since both active ingredients are included. In some areas of NC (and perhaps nationally) fleas can develop a tolerance to almost any flea preventative eventually. Sometimes you just have to change up! I like Sentinel because it protects the dogs against all these pests with one simple monthly pill.
  8. Deltalover

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    Tracy Calif
    Front Line all the way! You have to get the right one for the weight of the dog. As other's said, you do have to get rid of the fleas from carpet and areas of your yard, or they will be back! Garlic, onions and black walnut leaves are good natural deterrents!
  9. borntocatfish

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    NW ohio
    YUP frontline works for my siberian huskeys and they are hairy
  10. fishinpals

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    Virginia, Illinois
    We have 3 outside dogs, 2 labs & a shepard. have used frontline last few years but this year tried Enforcer and found it to do a great job. takes 3 doses on each dog, between shoulder blades, middle of back and rear. Lasts around 4 - 5 weeks and about 1/3 cost of frontline. Actually killed ticks and and may see 1 once in awhile but our dogs run probably 40 acres.
  11. Catgirl

    Catgirl New Member

    I forgot to mention that I haven't even SEEN a tick on any of my dogs in years.
  12. Cat_Catcher29

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    McKinney, Tx
    i used those back things and it didnt work for me
    i now use some bug off garlic
    its chewable you put it in your dogs food
    i havent had any fleas in the yard or anything
  13. ladyfish50

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    We have 3 rat terriers & a red tick hound. A couple of years ago we were fighting fleas horribly! Our dogs are mostly house dogs; we have a doggy door, but they don't stay outside any more than they have to. But at that time, they were still staying covered in fleas. I had tried everything on our back yard--it should've "glowed" in the dark, I'd put so many chemicals out there!! I finally asked my vet. He recommended Revolution. It's a topical liquid that's also for heartworms. Within days, the fleas were gone! I'm not kidding! Since then, we've not had any problems with them. It's kind of expensive, with 4 dogs, but it's well worth the peace of mind.
  14. flathead willie

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    Yea, Frontline is the BOMB. I raised Blueticks and Bird Dogs for years and tried everything and no luck until Frontline. It seems a bit expensive at first but it really works. Nothing else can hold a candle to it.
  15. wishiwasfishin

    wishiwasfishin New Member

    we always put front line on our dogs and every so often i give my self a dose:crazy:
  16. field989

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    east central indiana
    well i have heard and have seen work well

    it is like a little night light and under that is a shallow bowl with soapy water, like dish soap, it was done at my great grandmas house and cought a ton of fleas
  17. zappaf19

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    Heres a hint if you get fleas in your house. Mule team borax. Yeh I know it sounds wierd but it works! We tried bombs and everything. The borax is sprinkled on the carpet and it dries the fleas out. Then you just vacume it up. Kills the litter bugers fast too.
  18. SeedTick

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    Conway Arkansas
    Hey Ace, I had to tackle the flea and tick problem back when I raised beagle rabbit dogs. I had as many as 21 at one time and I let them run loose on the farm most of the off season and they gathered up bugs from all over the country. I used pills, sprays, dips and everything I had heard of. The very best thing I ever used was cattle pesticide ear tags. I got them at the feed store or co-op. I would cut them in half and attach them to their collars with a small cable tie and I would change them out at 5 weeks or so. These dogs weighed 10 - 15 pounds so I only used a half of a tag per dog, my neighbor had a big lab and he used a whole tag on them. I got rid of my dogs around 6 years ago and back then you could get the tags for about a buck and a half apiece. Of all the dogs I used them on I only had one dog that couldn't wear them but she was allergic to everything but 7 dust her eyes would swell shut with everything else. You might want to try the tags I know it sure worked for me.


  19. bmaultbay

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    Clarksville, Tennessee
    Frontline, we put that on my dog once a month, of course we keep her inside, but she spends most of the day, and evening in the yard. To be perfectly honest with you I can't recall ever seeing any on her.
  20. blackhorse83

    blackhorse83 New Member

    You can try the rest or buy the best, if you want to keep fleas and ticks off your dogs, use front line, I put it on my Labs twice a month and they are in and out of the water a lot, I haven't had any problems with fleas or ticks in 5 or 6 years since I started using it. A while back I found a tick on my Dashound I keep in the house and when I checked on it, it fell off in my hand all dryed up. Now thats a product that works.