Whats in your " Go-Box "

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  1. jedimanhunter

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    I made me a "go-box" which is the shoe-box size ammo can ( 50 mm I think ) that I keep in my vehicle in case I get an unexpected urge or opportunity to wet a hook. The ammo keeps the punch bait smell contained, large enough for hooks, weights, floats, swivels, beads in plastic box, 4' cast net, 1 lb punch bait, needle nose, extra line, stringer, knife, rod holder, small light, trash bag, towel, and not really in the way. Even gives you something to sit or cut bait on if you catch some.

    What did I miss? Not much room left.

    I will probably cull the net so I can put the reel in it and make a PVC rod holder. I am still tweeking on it.
  2. slabmaster

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    toyota tacoma extended cab. the extended cab is my go box. contents include throw net , surf rod and terminal tackle . 2 fly rods waders boots a day time chest pack and a night time chest pack. 2 light action 7ft spinning rods. crappie jigs and a creek box with some small crank baits in it. a 3 man dome tent and a sleeping bag. Have Rod ,Will Travel

  3. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    Sounds like you are the man with a plan. good idea, i may have to design something like that.
  4. rich-online

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    You might consider adding an Emmrod combo to your box; it breaks down to less than 13", but casting and bite detection take a bit of getting used to. The default model is rated up to 25# fish, and there is a special tip rated up to 50# fish.

    -- Rich
  5. crazy

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    My go box is my boat......
  6. brad kilpatrick

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    Mine too
  7. JimmyJonny

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    My to-go box is actually one of those water proof mid sized Marlboro bags they sent me. Its always loaded and ready to go. I don't have a boat but my buds do and they have permission to call me at any hour to fish...I gotta be ready at all times. It has hooks, weights , swivels,bobbers , 2 line spools , scissors/knife , rags , glow sticks , headlamp , scale, phone/camera and extra AA batteries.

    My bigger box is my 4wd Cherokee. Besides all the fishing gear you would ever need the truck is always loaded with fire wood , lanterns/fuel/mantels , chairs , sleeping bags , shovel , axe , ropes , food/water...the works !!!

  8. Ghosth

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    North Dakota
    I use a small backpack like the kids use to carry books to school.

    Small compartment has Berkley weigh scale, mini first aid kit, including benadryl cream. 2 spare butane lighters, half a dozen pipe cleaners (handy for lots of things) Bug repellant, 100% deet. Needle nose vise grips for the really tough dehooking jobs. Or if I have to clip a barb to get a hook out.

    Big compartment has a pair of clean hand towels, a stringer, a small 6"x4"x1" compartmented tackle box with various hooks, sinkers, swivels and splitshot and a large toenail clipper. It also has room for a ziplock bag of bait, normally including some doughballs for carp, some thawing goldeye/carp chunks, some sonnys in a hvy duty freezer bag, and maybe a dozen crawlers. The outside pocket holds a regular needle nose pliers.

    I have a waterproof bag that I sewed a seam down the middle, and a carry strap stitched to top and bottom. One side holds 2 rods, y stick rod holders and a folding net. Other side holds my folding chair with 2 pvc rod holders attached.

    Backpack on my back, bag over a shoulder, it all quickly loads into the fishing car, or the little honda scooter. Easily sets up or takes down to move.