What's good for a beginner?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by TA2D, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. TA2D

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    I am thinking of getting into bowhunting, and I am clueless. I have been told to buy used when getting started, other than that I don't know. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  2. suddawg

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    You'll shoot your eye out kid :tounge_out:

  3. beetle

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    Aaron, buying a bow used might save you some money but you will need to have it set up to fit you. Take it to an archery shop and they can help you setting it up. If you know the make they can maybe give you an idea about the cost involved. You might be better off buying a new one if it is costly. Good luck in your choice.
  4. flathead willie

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    You'll get all kinds of advice on this one, so here's mine. ANY BOW will kill a deer. I own several bows but my compounds don't get in the woods. They are for target shooting. I prefer recurves for hunting simply because I love the challenge of getting close to game. Also,they eliminate all the problems such as yardage to target, sight problems, cable problems, release problems, etc.. They are also faster to shoot, quieter, lighter, and give you the ability to shoot behind you or under you with no trouble. Learning instinctive shooting makes you a better shot no matter what kind of bow you use (the brain is the ultimate computer and does all the figuring for you, if you let it) and makes it easier to hit a moving target. Besides, they are cheaper, less fragile, and just a lot more satisfying to take game with. Remember, it's the broad head that kills the game! Any bow that delivers the point to the target, quietly, is a good bow.
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    Although I do hunt with a compound, that is awesome advise. 67 deer kills in 6 States has made deer hunting a archery and hand gun only sport for me. The challenge in rifle hunting is gone.
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    He is exacly right. A bow that fits both your draw length and strength will help you make good shots. I know some people that pull insanely heavy lbs. but cant hit that well. In Washington, I bow hunted with a woman who only drew 50lbs but was an excellent shot.
  7. Switchback XT

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    Just save yourself the headache of buying someone else's problem. Buy your gear new, trust me. Getting a bow isn't too hard, picking one out is the hard part. Best advice you can get is by going to your local archery pro shop and telling them what you plan to hunt and your price range, they should have you set up in no time. Good luck.