What's going on at Tea's high school?

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    This news story is about some kid at Teays Valley High School causing a huge disruption over something he said on a video game.

    Xbox Live Chat Leads to Arrest
    By: G.I. Staff

    For: Game Invasion An Ohio high school was locked down after an unnamed middle school student told a California teen during an Xbox 360 Live chat on Monday that he would bring a 9 mm pistol to class. That teen's father alerted the FBI. Teays Valley High School, in Pickaway County, Ohio, was closed after other reports surfaced that a student intended to bring a weapon to school. "Our suspicion is that the incident trickled over to the high school," Teays Valley Superintendent Jeff Sheets told WBNS-TV.
    Administrators say they've taken precautions and questioned students about the details surrounding the threats. The 13-year-old middle school student involved in the initial investigation was taken into custody and charged with inducing a public panic. The Pickaway County Sheriff's Office said that a search warrant was executed, and the Xbox, a firearm and other items were seized.
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    Yeah, kinda wild eh. I am sure the kid was joking but you cant take that as a joke anymore.

    I really do not know too much about this other then the kid is no in general pop right now. I am sure it is for the best.

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    What a way to get your school name in the natl.news. KIds are crazy now-a days. STAY SAFE!!
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    there are definately crazy kids out there. i guess there always was its just now they can make headlines and get attention that they are lacking. although sometimes the school administrators over react and seem to want the attention that they foiled an attack when it was just a kid blabbering. eventually private schools will probably replace public schools as they can expell the trouble makers where in public school it is almost impossible to expell the bad kids.