Whats everyone in Maryland been up to?

Discussion in 'LOCAL MARYLAND TALK' started by photocat, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. photocat

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    HOCO, Maryland
    Its been about 2 weeks since anyones posted something in our section and i'm just curious as to what everyone's been up to?

    Me i've been teaching at a summer camp (first little kids about nature and then this past week trying to teach older elem. and middle school kids how to fish and really how to catch fish) and haven't gotten to do much fishing because i've been petsitting after camp and can't stay up late (early morning waking for camp) and night fish :angry: :sad2: As soon as these camps finish up at the end of July i'll be the happiest person and be out on the water for a couple of days...

    TIM HAGAN New Member

    Great Bryan Well you no me been out there trying to put up sponsors for the RED CROSS tournament. We have 3 fishing trip and some other nice thing that will be auction off at the tournament. Have some new people asking about the july tournament. Hope we see alot of people there going to be great nice channels for this one.

  3. jonnycat

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    Been wondering what you've been up to Bryan. I have been to the Chester River once in the past 3 weeks, to the James in Richmond 3 weeks ago, and to the Rap 2 weeks ago. The Chester never fails me for 5 or more Channel Cats over 3lbs up to 10 lbs. The James is just getting back to decent after the spawn as is the Rap. I suppose the flooding will have brought new structure for us to beware of so be safe out there. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you when your schedule opens back up. We will hit the mighty James after school starts again. October is when I like to head down there so I can stand the daytime temps and not sweat to death. I prefer night fishing but its hard to put it together these days because my children are keeping me so busy. Hope everyone is having a nice Holiday weekend. Later for now---jonnycat
  4. bottom_rig

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    baltimore, md
    been doing good here too bryan, after a few weeks of not so good fishing and catching my weight in snapping turtles, things took a good turn this saturday. landed a few nice size channels saturday night 2lb-5lb range. then sunday i got only about an half hour of fishing in before a huge storm came through, but i landed a 8.5lber channel on a good ol nightcrawler. besides pulling 55+ hours at work all week, all in all everythings been good.
    take care