What's a good battery for a trolling motor?

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by alpal16, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. alpal16

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    So I got some great advice for my new trolling motor, now what is a good battery to use? The trolling motor will most likely be a transom mount, 55lb thrust as the only motor powering a 17' aluminum jon boat. I want a durable battery that will last as long as possible between charges. What do you think would be a good battery for this purpose?

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Wabash River Bear

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    One of the best would probably be an Optima marine, they are pricey though. I just use the ones Walmart sales, they are good for about 3 years if cared for properly.

  3. rspd507

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    There are numerous batteries out there that will work fine for your trolling motor at several different price levels. Make sure you get a deep cycle marine battery. Id go to your local marine dealer and tell them what you want and Im sure they can fix you up with a reasonably priced battery. Also as said above, the walmart batteries work well too. rspd507
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    That's what I thought also, UNTIL, I bought one. IMHO they are all hype. I got better performance (longer run time) from the WALMART deep cycle batteries then I do now w/ the blue top optima w/ similar specs. I know 2 other guys that got rid of their Optimas and went back to maintinence free lead acid batteries. I'll be replacing mine shortly. $200 a pop too!

    BTW I was averaging just over 2 years w/ Walmart batteries.

    There isn't alot of battery makers out there just alot of different labels/names, so keep that in mind.

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    Just some quick researching.I do know that Advance Walmart, and many other batteries are made by GNB/Exide.
    The different brands come in different quality of manufacture I know this from working 1 full year as a battery specialist at Advance many moons ago.I took care of all the batteries coming and going.I would charge pro-rated batteries and test them for resale etc.

    I will testify that most of the name brand batteries Exide,Interstate,and Diehard passed recharge and storage for resale whereas most store brand did not.
    This table here shows Exides top of the line conventional deep cycle battery.This would be a great battery for any marine application.
    Size Model CCA@0 CCA@32 RC@25amps Dimensions
    8DST8DDC400800120040020-3/41110-7/8200 Ah.

    The last number shows the capacity or discharge rate 200Ah very good

    Now Exides sealed marine battery isnt half these specs and probably twice the price. CCA 770 res cap 95

    Now the difference is that the awesome battery mentioned first is a BEAST sized battery the sealed unit is much smaller.If you dont mind longer charge times then you will get longer running times but will have to have one of these beast batteries.So research a little and determine what size and recharge rate fits you best.
    I have one of those Exide batteries got it used 3 yrs ago and use it in a camper and it is a big heavy sucker.
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    I read somewhere that if you can pick up the battery without giving yourself a hernia, it ain't big enough. :wink: I have a 12' jon boat with a 35lb. trolling motor. If I know I'm going to be using the motor a lot I take two batteries. As someone said, taking care of the batteries is important. Don't let them sit aroung partly run down, charge them as soon as possible. Also keep your terminals clean. My motor came with clips which I replaced with crimp on ring terminals. I haven't seen much differences in brands. They all seem to give me a year of good woek and then start going downhill. Good Luck and good fishing.
  7. catmando2

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    I am a real believer in sears deep cycle maintenance free marine batteries. These things last for years as I have had 2 on my boat for the last 4 years. They hold up great to the neglect that I seem to give them. After I get through fishing I charge them for about 2 hours to get them back up to full charge and they will hold a charge untill I get back to the lake. I use die hard batteries on all my vehicles and have never had to replace one. they will hold up for years and are very dependable.
  8. captain kirko

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    Hey Alex,

    The very best battery I know of is your friends battery which he charges up for the trip he never goes on!

    Good fishin' starts with somethin' borrowed.

    Friends are good for some things after all...:roll_eyes:
  9. dallas

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    has anyone ever tried or heard of the double sized marine battery?
    1 large battery instead of 2 smaller ones?
    weight wise would be the same if ya don't mind lugging a 100lb in and out.
    200 ah or better.
  10. Gordhawk

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    I use Deka Marine batteries,and have had real good luck with them. The last ones I had lasted for 6 yrs. The main thing is to keep them at a full charge as much as possible. I even keep mine charged up in the winter when they are in storage in the basement.