What's a big blue catfish feel like?

Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by MoMudCat, Oct 16, 2006.

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    My friend and I were fishing for blues below the Windfield dam on Friday night and not having much luck. All of a sudden his pole bounced once and bent to the water. He had a really hard time getting the pole out of the driftmaster holder! He pulled and pulled and then said he thought he might be snagged and handed the pole to me to see what I thought. I pulled really hard a couple of times and was getting ready to agree when the "snag" pulled back and pulled me a couple of steps forward in my boat. I gave the pole back to him and pulled in all the other lines in. He said he thought he might be making some headway and so I pulled the anchor thinking if the fish made a big run it might help. Well, it gave a couple of really short runs and then the 50 lbs. fireline snapped like it was nothing. I don't know if it was a snag and the current was moving the boat making us think a fish was moving or if it was a monster. I would like some opinons. I've caught 20 pounders or so before and the current right below the dam makes them feel huge, but we really couldn't budge whatever was at the end of the line much at all! Yet, it seemed to be moving up towards the dam. If it was a fish, what should we have done different? Thanks.

  2. dougc

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    That's what a big Blue hits like! Should have let him run a little.

  3. Skipjack

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    Maybe, loosen the drag a little.
  4. ka_c4_boom

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    yes it could very well have been a fish , you will never know since your drag was obviously pretty tight you broke off , or maybe the line got cut on a rock or another line that was snagged on the bottom .

    sometimes you will hang into line on the bottom that is hooked into the rocks tight and the loose end gets wrapped up in leaves and logs or what not , when this happens and you pull on it it will move then the current will pull it back .

    a fish will most likely shake its head in an effort to throw the hook if youve ever hung a big fish you will know cause its no different than the little ones only stronger .
  5. onlyriverfish

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    Dont know but I want a fishing partner like yours that hands me the rod when it goes down like that!!!!:smile2:
  6. ka_c4_boom

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    :lol: yeah i hear that , my brother had the gall to do me that way yesterday on my birthday but i refused to be blittled by his arrogance :lol:
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    It is for sure you had a big one on. My buddy fought one for 2 1/2 hours this summer and it never came up. All it did was lay flat on the bottom then got hung up and never seen it.
  8. pk_powell

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    I'd love to have a fishin partner that would hand me the rod in a situation such as that.I would love love love to hangup on a big beast!:big_smile:
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    lol i know what you mean it happined to me but the fish hung me on a piece of iorn pipe then broke off. better luck next time
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    Depends on the topography of the area you are fishing. If there are snags down there, you want to get it up as soon as possible. Fishing in those situations the fish can buckle down in a hole or snag and wrap you up really fast.

    If fishing open water you can let it run a little.

    But in all cases you must check your drag. You do not want it too tight nor too loose. Get that things in soon. I am surprised that 50 pound line snapped like that as I have caught 80 pound fast running tuna on that line class before. Unless the fish had you in a snag, it may have been the drag was too tight to snap like that. Also look at the knots as well. make sure that the knot is all good. The line class will not matter if you do not have a good knot. Also check for frizzes in the line. That can cause the line to become weak and especially check it if you are fishing rocky areas and other structures.

    I lost a lot of big blues in the past. And most of the time I can attribute it to those I just mentioned, unless the fish just spat the hook, which happened to me a few times before more than I want to mention.
  11. dinkbuster1

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    Blues arent native to my area but i have caught them in the past at pay-ponds, there they feel like you threw a gaffing hook out and snagged a semi going at 55mph! :eek:oooh:
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    It was that darn Lockness Monster Again. I told the Dam Engineers to keep that thing locked up! it gets people talking crazy!
  13. AwShucks

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    Maybe it was an experimental Navy sub. Gotta watch them in the tail races.
  14. FishBrew

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    Big cats will act/fight any number of ways. Since it "pulled back" I'd say you had a big cat. Blind guess, the fish rolled, was able to rub the line against something, and/or there was a nick or small slice in the line.
    What I would recommend to try and avoid this happening in the future really depends on how much you fish; meaning how much use and abuse your line gets.
    If it is less than a year or two old, has not been setting out in the elements to much, you may want to cut off 50 or so feet, get to some fresh line. Otherwise replace all the line.
    Next, set your drag properly. There are several post on this site that can help with this. If the fisherman or the fish is able to "snap" 50 lbs. test that is in good condition, then the drag is WAY to tight.
  15. CJ21

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    U might need to lose the drag a little.
  16. MattShannon

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    As mentioned before, it may have broke at the knot. You should be able to tell if this was the case. If so, I highly suggest using a plamer knot. I will never break at the knot if you tie it right.
  17. special liberty

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    Are there any sturgeon in the waters you were fishing? They fight similar to a blue and they get big, I mean REAL BIG!!
  18. JAYNC

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    Sounds to me like it was a big flathead. Almost all the blues I caught come to the surface more and fight. The flats seem to want to stay by the bottom and get into some cover. I set all my reels to around 25-30lbs of drag at the most. That way you wont get your line broke. I have also lost a lot of fish when they get in the rocks. Most dams are full of debris at the bottom, there are a lot of holes dug in underneith the rocks also from the fast current all the time. Thats how it goes sometimes, when I get a fish on the first thing I do is try to get them to come up as fast as I can, and then keep a short leash on them. When a fish runs it is more likely to find something to break you off. Could have been a really big fish, or it could have been small. I have caught 5lb fish at dams that felt like they were 40lb+ Like if you cast out and your rig hits the bottom and gets under a log in front of you. Then when a fish is on it has the weight of the fish, the current and all of the resistance from being wrapped underneith the log. I guess the only way to tell what it was is to get back out there and try to hook up with it again, and see if your rig is still in his mouth.
  19. roughneckcatman

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    I believe that you probally had a big fish. I agree with bluehunter on all he stated. You should be able to land a very large fish on 50lb line. The fish in my avatar was landed on 40lb mono on my main line and 150lb braided on my leader. I have had best luck with big blues by getting the boat untied and over the top of the fish so i can pull it up away from snags. If you can hook the fish, get your boat untied, and above the fish your odds increase dramatically on getting him/her in the boat. Just my opinion. Good luck on the next one and check your line and knot before every cast!!!
  20. thomas feldon

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    Sound's like another record lost to wounder's of " I wish I had done ".
    Man what a great time you had.
    I'm want to get a 70 lber on a line one day and at least see it before it turn's and say's see ya!
    I've never had a chance to latch into a stergoun. I bet that's what you had.
    AAAHHHH! the wounder's of fishing.
    Bring it on:big_smile: !