What would you have done?

Discussion in 'Boating Stories' started by turfman, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. turfman

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    I had something happen that has never happened to this degree. It was early in the morning and I had been anchored for about 15 min or so. When another boat came up and anchored with in 20 yds or so. This might not seem that close but it really is or atleast to me it is. In my opioion this was lack of respect for another fisherman. It would be like crappie fishing a brush pile and someone coming in and fishing it also. I would like to know how other people would have handled it or would you have thought this was acceptable? Just curious I didnt say anything just fished for a little while then picked up and moved to another spot.
  2. wolfman

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    Walter Flack
    20 yards is way too close and just plain rude to do such a thing. I would have just packed it up and left right away making as much noise as possible and creating a few waves on the way out.

  3. rudepossum

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    Just figure that the best fishing spot was 5 feet the other side of there boat and keep casting right over the top of them. Course you might want to let them see you load you're 357 first.
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    Where were you fishing Turfman? That is pretty brazen..lol. I have never had that happen to me before. I would have said something to them..lol. What happened after that? Did they say anything at all?
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    I've had that happen in the past. When you do say something to them, they look at you like they haven;t done anything wrong. That Iam the one with the problem. The way I look at it , theres idolits born everday, and one just parked 20' form me. I've also had them run thier boats between my boat and my floatrigs. Totally unaware the floats were out there.
  6. JAYNC

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    If they didn't leave after I asked them what the he** they were doing. I woult have been slinging 8oz no rolls right at them and if that didn't work it would get pretty nasty.
  7. C_wernett

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    Well, sadly there (to my knowledge) are no rules governing such behavior, so idiots are allowed to not use common sense, and they are free to park right up next to you, should they so choose, no matter how inconsiderate it may be. You did the right thing to shove off, and move somewhere else, and be the bigger person about it. Sometime they'll do it to a bigger idiot than themselves and get in a sling they wished they never were in, and both parties might end up out of our hair! lol

    I had a very similar situation happen to me last year when I was fishing the intercoastal waterway for black drum on night. This boat with two guys came up and anchored right in our lines. Turns out it was a guy that works at a local pet store, and his claim was that "he was in the right because we were fishing HIS spot". We were there long before they showed up, and weren't planning on being there much longer, but seriously.
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    It's pretty simple really. It's one of the reasons I use 100lb Power Pro and 3-8 oz no rolls. Cast across their lines, yup it's a public waterway, we all have the right to be there, then reel slowly.... right through their lines. I bet that they move shortly after the 2nd time.

    I bet you wouldn't have been mad had they been young girls in bikini's...

    Unfortunately, they probably looked more like Deadnuts and that pilot that married his Cuz!
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    Wow man, I would have been hot... I am pretty hot headed too. I dont know what I would have done. On a good day I probably would have been the better man and just pulled anchor and left, but on a bad day I probably would have let the a**hole in me show quite well.
  10. blackhorse83

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    If the wife was with me I would have been fairly calm (not completely though) but if I had been there by my self, they would have had a clear understanding of how I felt, CRYSTAL!
  11. SubnetZero

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    Know what they were fishing for?? .. For some reason, and Im not saying this as a knock or put down on them, but I've noticed that is a common deal with crappie and bass fisherman.. Seems they'll all share a spot with no second thoughts on either end.. I've seen em pull right up , almost touching each other and start throwing lines...I've also seen a crappie fisherman fishing a brush pile, and within a hour, have 3 more boats pull up and all 4 fishing around the same pile. Not a word from any of em (other than the customary "having any luck?)
    Never understood why one guy would wanna park his boat on top of another's, but who knows heh..

    Last fall I was bank fishing off the face of a dam, some guy would drift all the way in, get about 6 feet from me, fire up his motor, run back out, and drift back in ... After the second time, I loudly told a buddy, "WTF, he has the whole friggen lake and feels the need to drift into my lap? " ... He found greener drift paths after that..
  12. JAinSC

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    In all honesty, I would probably have done what you did, but a polite comment on the way out might have been a good idea. There's a very good chance that it just never occured to them that they were crowding you.

    Unfortunately, inconsideration is the norm these days. I can't tell you how many times I have had people run right by me (within 50 feet) when the whole rest of the river or lake was wide open. I also have had folks crowd me while fishing many times.

    Last year one day while working my way down a river bank (with the trolling motor) casting for brim, another angler pulled up about 75 yards ahead of me. I simply moved accross to the other side of the river. He picked up and changed sides and moved in front of me again. I went back accross to the other side, and guess what? He did it again! At that point I moved for a 3rd time and decided to myslef that if he cut me off again it was going to get nasty, but fortunately he stayed put. Really, I think most people these days are just plain clueless. A bit of polite education is probably a good idea.
  13. odtimr

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    Eddie I believe you did the right thing by moving, life is to short to give idiots like that a chance to anger ones self. I go for the fish but mostly for the pleasure of fishing. Seems to me there are more of these idiots in boats than on the shore. I have found if anyone sees you catch a fish here they all come. It’s awful but I try to not let anyone see me landing a fish. Seems like most now carry a pair of binoculars to see what everyone is doing and catching . Luck
  14. WylieCat

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    I have had people do that before, but I think they believe I am crappie fishing straight under the boat.

    Mudkip and I had a guy pull into a place close to our boat the other night, but no that close. He did ask if he could pull up in the little pocket and fish. He was there 10 minutes and left and thanked us on the way out for letting him slide in there.

    Some folks don't know any better. Some don't care. Some are assholes. I just try to keep my cool and enjoy myself. After all, it is fishing.