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  1. Cattledogz

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    If you were out on a large, sprawled out lake fishing from before dusk one evening until around 4:00 the next evening and in the wee hours as dawn is starting to light the sky you see something bobbing along in the water and upon checking it out you find its a noodle type jug line with a fish on it, known by the fact that the fish was trying to pull the noodle float under.

    You leave it alone and way later in the day you see it out in the middle of the lake still bobbing along (the fish keeps trying to take it under and can't) but still you leave it alone.

    Along in the late afternoon (3:30 or so) you see it yet again out in the middle of part of the lake. Still struggling to try and pull the noodle float under. This is nearly 10 hours since you first saw it that morning.

    You pull it up to see what is on it and its a nice channel cat weighing an estimated 6 or 7 pounds. No identification on the rig. The water out there is about 30 feet deep, the line is barely 2 feet long and the cat is hooked with a large circle hook. The cat has turned red around all fins and is weakened from the struggle.

    This fish was set free.

    I know many will probably disagree with my doing that but I couldn't see a fish that nice floating around on a rig that in all likliehood was lost and would not be picked up by the original person that set it out. It was the only one around the whole day over a huge portion of the lake.

    Would you set the cat free or leave it?
  2. turbinemanic

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    Arma Kansas
    No tag 10 hrs. you did the right thing in my opinion.

  3. janton311

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    Wichita Kansas
    I would set it free...with no ID on the jug which is illegal anyway, and no one around, the fish would have probably just died after a long struggle...
  4. cook

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    Plattsburg,Mo.(near K.C.)
    Not sure about NC,but here in Mo.all jugs,limblines,trot line,etc....must have I.D. on it or it is illegal.IMHO,you were within your rights.
  5. fishhook

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    Willow Woo
    I think you did the right thing by turning the fish loose. If it had been pulling the jug around for that long the person that set the jugs out had more then likely gone home by then. Besides in some states floating jugs are to be attended at all times and even with that I sometimes find them washed up next to shore with rusty hooks still attached and no names on the jug but its like every other hunting or fishing sport, where you have the responsible and the erresponsible people partisipating where the latter just don't care how much damage they do to the sport.
  6. Dreadnaught

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    After struggling for 10+ hours on a jug, I am surprized that it wasn't dead by then, concidering the heat and not being able to get good oxygen. You did the right thing by releasing it Barb. If someone has a jug out without a name on it, it is an illegal one.
  7. carpet1

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    Ash Flat,Arkansas
    You did the right thing They have forgot to pick that one up the fish would have died more than likely
  8. laidbck111

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    10 hours wow I would have done the same thing and most likely would have disposed of the jug.
  9. gcarlin

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    Richmond ,Indiana
    I agree that you did the best thing for the fish.If the person that had the jug out wasnt around for 10 hrs. then it's that persons lose. It really aggrevates me that people dont keep up on things like that,but sure the person may not have been able to find it or even lost it.But they really sure have tagged it ,atleast that way maybe you could have contacted them to say " hey we found one of you jugs" .............
  10. truckin4x4

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    columbus, Ohio
    you did the right thing thats for sure
  11. Believer

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    Greenwood, AR.
    I agree, you did the right thing by intervening, but I would've taken it rather than let it go.

  12. BamaCats

    BamaCats Member

    Well here in Alabama you are not required to tag your jugs so it could have been anyones, but IMO you did the right thing. I would have made sure he could swim off on his own and if he could then more peowere to him but if he coudlnt then i would have put him in hte livewell. The jug i would have destroyed though.
  13. flathunter

    flathunter New Member

    Good deal Barb, I would have let that fish go also.
  14. warcraft1975

    warcraft1975 New Member

    i am not sure i would have messed with it, in kansas you can have setlines out for 24 hrs at a time, even though they have to be tagged, we cant have jugs here but states that allow them have them on a 24 hr check also,people messing with somone else's stuff is not a good thing at all,the is the same reason why i go to extreame lenghts to hide my bank lines, in kansas taking someones fishing lines or other fishing set lines or the fish is theft
  15. FWFeecherman

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    You did the right thing Barb. I have never jug fished, but I could see how it would be easy to forget a jug sometime. I always believe in this world, "What goes around, comes around" So maybe you'll be fishing and catch that same fish when its 10lbs. Tight Lines and Screamin Clickers to Ya!!
  16. Pastor E

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    Beebe AR
    You done right Barb:big_smile_2:
  17. ladyfish50

    ladyfish50 New Member

    As one who runs noodles regularly, I would have let the fish go. I agree that this was one that probably got overlooked, & was forgotten. If it were my noodle/float, I'd rather come back later & find it empty, than to find a dead fish on it. I'd much rather them "get away" than go to waste. You done good!!
  18. pk_powell

    pk_powell New Member

    I would have set it free.I love to fish,but I want to do it the legal way and we in Missouri must have our limb lines and whatnot labeled.You did the right thing here's reps to ya!--------------pk powell:smile2:
  19. chattycatty

    chattycatty New Member

    You definitely did the right thing. I think so and I'm sure the fish does. :big_smile:
  20. Coyote1

    Coyote1 New Member

    Dear Sister King
    Barb, Brother J.W./Dreadnaught makes a good point! I am surprised that the fish was found alive!!
    Given the conditions and circumstances you've described I personally feel you did the RIGHT Thing! :smile2: Not only the Right thing, but also the morally correct and compassionate thing to do!
    While the Fish may still have died, it was able to do so in it's own "Home", with the respect and dignity that was it's due!
    Something that would NOT have happened without your intervention!
    Having said this, I am sure there there are some that would say "It's just a fish". Over the years I have been laughed at and ridiculed for my beliefs about other animals lives beside those of my fellow human beings. That's O.K., it is their right to have that opinion.
    But having lived for over 50 years on this planet and been involved in the "Outdoors" as much as possible over those years,
    I KNOW what I KNOW! An animal; Deer, Catfish, Squirrel, Rabbit, Bird, ect, ect, all value their lives! They also have feelings! Just look at the Mother or Father Wolf that will willingly give their own lives to protect their younglings, or the pack/their Family! They go out and hunt [many times at great risk to themselves] much larger animals in order to feel the pack. The feelings of Protection and the willingness to Provide the Family/Pack with food are just two of the many emotions that are shared in common with their Human Animals, and Y-E-S, we humans are Animals too!
    I'm sure that my fellow Brothers and Sisters know exactly what I am talking about so I will stop here on that subject!
    Yes, we are at the top of the food chain, in most cases, but that does not give us the right to kill indiscriminately! It does however, demand of us a greater RESPONSIBILITY to our fellow Human and other Animal neighbors on this planet!
    "Ya did GOOD Barb, and I commend YOU for it!" :smile2: Given the exact same conditions I would have done the same thing!:big_smile:
    May the rest of Our Brothers and Sisters learn from your example!
    Fraternally and Sincerely,
    [[[[[End of Post, but not the Pride in Barb for her actions]]]]]