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    I now there is a forum for this but i doubt i run acrossed anybody from outside my local area, I don't get out of my turff to much.. Thats why i am asking the local IL. forum... wanting to by a new fish finder/gps got $250 -$350 to spend... ...... my old 2001 model screen is all messed up.. I don't understand all the lingo?peak to peak singel, daul beam,etc ,etc,etc,...... I've surffed ,and read an read...so what . I'd like to hear from some BOC members . I fish crab,wich is shallow . rend, it at all that deep either.. goning to start fishing the ohio more... .. like to her what what works and what dont work in those waters or waters likem.. any info that aint to compilacted comucated #%&* u no EASY any & all info welcome.... that a way if i see u out to the lake/ river. I might show u somethin or u can show me something........sorry if this make anyone upset wrong forum an all......:0a35::cross:
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    "playing" with it and learning what you are doing with it, is.. find a few spots that you already know for sure what is down there and go over them from every angle and see how the chosen unit reads to you, set it up for your liking, but most of all just spend time on water using it...... If you can pull off a trip or three with someone that has had theirs and knows it well, just ask to ride for a while and have them explain what you are seeing and how it shows up, other than the HB side Image and the choice from Color and no color, most any of the units are going to read relatively close to the same, IMO.
    I run a Matrix set up with GPS and I love it, I fish with a buddy on the sippy that runs a color Lawrence and have no problem reading it, the side image is also a great item but they all just need time using them to figure them out...... man best I can tell ya on this, I would not want to tell anyone that they need this or that model as they all serve their purpose and yea some have more bells and whistles, but you soon find that all that junk isn't used all that much.........

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    you can't go wrong with the lowrance 520c. I don't know how expensive it is right now but it is a great bang for the buck. I think it is around 500. It is the cheapest Lowrance model with gps. I have one on the front of my boat with a 997csi humbird. It outperforms the bird on 2d sonar hands down.