What went wrong????

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by Dogfish, Oct 28, 2006.

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    Today i set out for channle cats. And i left without a bite. I used multiple chums. One pole had little steaks. One had chicken livers. One had dipped hotdogs. One had fresh cut up perch. And the last had strawberrry dough. We set up all over and not a bite. "We" meaning my friend whose also a newbie on this sight called IfishFORcatfish. Anyways can someone tell me wat might have gone wrong? Wat approach should i take next time? This was my 2nd time catfishing. Oh and by the way it was in a pond. HELPPPPPP BROTHERSSSS!!!
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    south central Louisiana
    Cast deep, shallow, find underwater brush. Go at dusk, use live bait with about a 1/4 oz. weight about a foot before the hook. Also if there are any lights near the pond, fish near those, thats where we always catch big ones, wherever streetlights cast over the water...

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    Don't fill bad :sad2: - the same thing happen to each & everyone on this site at lease once. But I still think that the Catfishermen on the B.O.C. are the best Catfishermen in the world.
    It may be the change in the weather or just one of those days :surrender: , but if I were you I'll stay at it because you never know when that fishing trip of a lifetime will come around. :wink:

    Better Luck next time Buddy - :smile2:

    Take it easy,
    Bert:cool2: & Shaina:0010:

    :worship: :0a23:
    Bert & Phil
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    When you can, invest in a cast net. Use live and cut bait from the castnet. All the things you tried can be productive, as can worms and shrimp. But, day in and day out, fresh bait from my castnet produces the most and largest catfish.

    I don't put as much importance on time of day. I fish mainly in the daytime, and lots of that is during the heat of the day and catch my fair share of fish. But, weather can be a factor. I rarely do well on cool windy days. Just before and after rains can be productive. When a cool/cold front starts blasting through, I don't fish for at least the first day afterwards, maybe I should, but its never been a lucky time for me. Rising water can be a great time to fish. Recently, I fished a creek from a bridge two days after a 13" rain. The day after, the water was coming down the creek too hard to keep a bait on bottom. The day I fished, in 20 minutes of fishing, I caught 3 channels all over 3 lbs. Earlier that day, in an area that's normally only 2 ft deep, on the rising water, I caught 5 fish, all over 2 lbs, three over 3...one went five lbs.

    Time on the water, whether catching fish or not, is always a good investment. I find out something new each time I go out, so no trip is a wasted one. Besides, its always more fun to be fishing, even if not catching, than the alternative.
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    try useing bait fish live or cut that you catch at the pond , dont put so much crap bait (sorry) and chum in the waters . its my findings fish prefer what they are used to getting every meal and thats the natural bait to their waters .

    hows the weather has it rained in the past couple of days , if so fish shallow .
    is it hot and dry , then fish deep .
    look for a creek or ditch that may run in fish near it .
    or around structure if there is any .
    if its a pond thats fished alot take binoculers and spy on other fishermen see what their useing or just ask some one , remember some people will lie tho .
    but above all just keep trying eventualy they will bite .

    good luck
  6. tomcat85

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    if its cold fish deep.
    warm fish shallow.
    try cutbait.
    it wokrs great.
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    Oakwood Georgia
    I dont mean to insult but are ya sure there are cats in this pond. I have fished ponds before that had no catfish in them as i was fishin them for catfish. And if so how many acres is it. Sounds like ya had the bases pretty well covered. If there is i am surprised ya dint get a run or two
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    Maybe you were at the wrong place at the wrong time:smile2:
  9. neocats

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    I agree with the others about live and cut bait. I know guys who always try using "trick" baits and they are always asking themselves how I routinely catch more fish. Shad, bluegill,suckers,etc. all make great bait. My favorite is fresh cut shad.
  10. Pastor E

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    Beebe AR
    There are days that they just won`t bite:crazy:
  11. Cornhusker

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    Dogfish, just keep studying the pond and trying different things these guys are telling you until you catch a cat. I have been catfishing since I was a boy 55 years ago. I have many days when the "Catfish Gods" just say "NO, you haven't worked hard enough to get one today." Well, come to think of it, I get skunked about half the time.

    Hey, that's what I like about catfishing. You have to work at it and try new things.

    If you caught fish every time you go it wouldn't be called "Fishing" it would be called "Gathering."
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    great answer pastor.try all baits and move around.
  13. Itch2Scratch

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    Ivy Bend on LOZ, Missouri
    I notice your in California and maybe the problem is not the baits but where the fish are in the water. If they are not biting on the bottom, try using floats/bobbers. Spread your baits out, if you get a bite then switch to that area with your other baits. It may well pay you to start out using both bottom and float rigs until you locate them. Also, at lake of the Ozarks here in Missouri a lot of Channel Cats are taken on plain ol hot dogs cut in 3/4-1" lengths. Good luck!:big_smile: