What water temp for bluegills

Discussion in 'Bluegill Fishing' started by paleocaver, Apr 14, 2006.

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    What water temp do bluegills move shallow and start spawning?

    I've heard of some mid-60 degree water this week in north Alabama, and we've having 4 staright days of 80+ daytime temps. Thinking about trying them this weekend.
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    Ask 10 people and you will get 10 different answers. LOL!!

    My belief is to start looking once the water is around 65.

    The lake I fish has an arm fed from a steam station so the water there gets warmer several weeks earlier than other parts. I have been catching bream for catfish bait along the bottom in 1-3 feet of water for several weeks now and the water temps have been in the low 70's to mid 70's. I honestly don't think these fish were spawning, but they may have been moving shallower to find potential beds.

    Over the past two weeks I have noticed a distinct color change in the bream. They have gone from that full almost colorless winter phase to the brightly colored phase, so I would assume the hormones are kicking in and spawning is approaching. I have also noted that some much bigger bream are being caught shallow, so that is another good sign the spawn is approaching.

    I did notice that this winter, before the waters warmed, the bream could only be caught near the bottom and around brush. For the past several weeks they have moved away from the brush and into the shallow water with less cover.