What water do you target in early spring

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  1. n2fishn

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    Just wanting to see what depth of water you fish this time of the year.

    Myself I have better luck fishing the upper end of lake's and reservoirs.

    The more wind the better for me. I like to target water from 1-10' deep on the windy days where the wind is crashing in on a bank. Making it even better is to have the wind blowing into a bank i'm wanting to fish for 3 to 4 days in a row.
    If it's churning the water up and has it stained i found most cats to be in the 1-3'range. If the wind is blowing only 5-10mph they will be out just a little deeper.
    Also i find making it better is if the bank has weeds or logs/stumps and debre along the bank.
    For weather ; i do better durning the early morning with cloudy skis and windy.
    Best bait for me when the water is mid 40's to upper 50's,shad guts,crappie guts,fresh cut shad.
    When water temp reaches 60's to mid 70's my bait of chocie is,nightcrawlers,shrimp,fresh cut shad.
    When water temp reaches upper 70's on up I do best with blood,shrimp soaked in blood,and punch baits.
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    i like your thinking on springtime fishing. i do the same expect right now i like fishing later in the afternoon to let the water warm up a little. i like to use some of those nasty shadsides when the water is in the forty's and i like them to stink so bad the smell will stay on your hands for a day or two. once the water gets in the mid fifties to sixties worms and fresh shad are turned on pretty good. most people don't realize how shallow a channel cat will go sometime you can see the bite as it happens. weed beds, logs and willow trees are places i like to target in water anywhere from 1 to 3 feet. last year in may i did some drifting and did quite well in the flats. i usually don't start drifting until after the 4th of july.

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    as much as i would like to drift all season long,im beginning to realize that its not the best way to find cats in springtime.i usually chase crappie till late march early april,and then go after the cats when the water is mid 50's.by that time i can usually find them in shallow flats 6'-2'.by chasin crappie so late i totally miss out on the early spring cat bite,but im beginning to catch on to the pattern.good post Tom!
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    Ogden, Kansas,
    In the next 2 weeks or longer if we get hit with a cold snap, temperature is
    going to be the main concern. Look for areas that have a little warmer water
    like the upper ends of the lake where the streams come in. The main effect of
    a warming wind is to pile up warming water shallow. Which is where the
    rapidly decaying bodies of shad killed by thermal shock tend to be pushed as
    well. Automatic chumming! But I guess the previous posts have said the same
    thing. Look for dark objects in shallow water and dark bottomed shallow areas.
    They will absorb more heat on beautiful days like today was and radiate it
    out into the water. I have always had more luck shallow during this transition
    period and I think the effect is from warm water concentrated by wind,
    stream inflows and bright sunlight on shallow dark bottom areas where
    there is easy food to find is the combination to look for. So feel good about the
    south wind and head for the north end of the lake. If you have a thermometer
    use it, if you don't look around and guess. Oh, and this is the prime time to
    use last year's leftover shad guts or freezer burnt sides. Like the trout
    fellas say, match the hatch.
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    Kansas City, Ks
    Micheal, how would you fish for cats right now on :confused2: a 325 acre lake that has the dam on the north end, and the main feeder creek on the south end?
  6. Katatonik

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    Ogden, Kansas,
    If you have a water temp gauge, try to find where the water is a touch
    warmer. Usually this means at the stream mouth. Look for shallow, leaf
    covered bottoms along the stream in good sunlight. Prevailing warm winds
    are usually from the southwest. Look for where these winds drive water
    into the shallows. If there is a small feeder creek on that side, the stream
    mouth will tend to concentrate warm water against the shoreline even if
    there isn't any inflow from the creek. If you have a due south, stable wind
    then any floating food will get driven into the rip-rap on the dam face.
    Usually, the hotspot in this situation will be the northwest corner of the
    dam. When you select a place to sit, if you can taste spray from the wind
    and have a chore casting long these are good signs! Again, old bait is
    good bait now, so if you have leftover guts and sides from last year that
    even make you want to pitch them this is the time to use them. Follow
    the warm water and be prepared to sit a while. If there is a cold snap,
    give up and watch basketball on the TV. Try not to grumble much.
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    Kansas CIty, MO
    I fish the river sometimes i go to warsaw. Other then that it's either the kansas or missouri river.