What was your first real job?

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    What was your first real job after high school, not including military service? After spending four yrs. in the Navy from 65 to 69 i moved back to Hayes Kansas. The first job i applied for was a pen rider for a stock yard. Now a pen rider is the guy who rides around on a horse most of the day checking Cattle in the stock pens, looking for sick critters, cleaning stock tanks. Also responsible for loading and unloading cattle from cattle cars then herding them into holding areas where there tagged, dipped in a solution to prevent disease ect.
    Now ill tell ya how i got this great Job.:crazy: I want to give you a description of Bill the yard foreman that hired me. Bill was somewhere around 60 yrs. old and part Indian. He wore a old felt stetson that looked and smelled, as old as him, riding chaps that looked like they could have been worn by Teddy Roosevelt, western style boots covered in cow s@#$ The mans face was so wrinkled you could have planted corn in the creases. A rather large mustache that almost completely covered his mouth, and was always stained with tobacco juice. Bills vocabulary consisted of yup, nope and, maybe. When i met Bill, and told him i wanted to fill out a application for the job, his reply was , ( your application is in the horse barn). On the way out to the horse barn i explained to Bill that i grew up on a farm, and felt qualified for the job. Once in the barn i met Buck a very high strung quarter horse, whose main purpose in life was to hurt humans, and herd cattle. I was told to saddle up the horse witch i did to Bills satisfaction. Well Bill saddled his horse, and off we went. As we are riding down one of the alleys between the pens, Bill reaches over and slaps buck on the arse with his hat. Buck takes off going from 0 to 60 in a split second, then slows down and starts bucking and spinning, when he finally stops i am hanging on underneath bucks neck, with my ankle around the saddle horn. NOT a pretty picture. Bills response was You'll do son, be here at sunrise tomorrow, and by the way that's why we call him buck. I learned a lot about life, from that crusty old cowboy, and i sure do miss him, that's why i had to post this. I would like to hear your stories brothers and sisters.
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    Kathleen G
    Great story mine was not as colorful after high school and army I kinda floated around doing Carnival work a little Doodlebugging which is looking for oil around the U.S. usually swamps cab driving a lot of differant jobs till I setled in Ga and started driving a truck

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    The local editor of our hometown newspaper came to my high school journalism class in 1980 and asked which student was the fastest and most accurate typist. They needed to hire someone for the summer as a lady there was going on maternity leave. I was hired directly out of high school as a typesetter. Since then I have seen every aspect of the newspaper business and been placed in about every job there is there. I have done circulation, bookkeeping, was editor for a time and now I'm back to graphic design - my first love. I have been with the same company - albeit different newspapers - for 26 years now. I guess my first job will also be my last job. :lol:
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    My first job after HS was as advertising manager for our local Rose's discount store. I was in charge of all the store signing and the layout of newspaper ads. It was a pretty fun job, everybody left me alone to do my own thing. On Mondays the district manager was located in OUR store, so I acted as his secretary. (Yes, I have some office skills, but don't tell anybody :big_smile:! I hate being stuck at a desk.....unless it's this one and I'm on the BOC :lol:)
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    pennsylvania 17745
    carpenter, was my first real job... second was the Army... alot of deadenders since then..................
  6. ka_c4_boom

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    iv probly had more than anybody lol dropped outa school in 86 went to work at a car wash ,mcdonalds , worked in tobacco , was a lumber jack at a saw mill , roofed houses , back to the car wash , back to mcdonalds , worked in plastic injection factory , worked at texas instruments , back to tobacco , painting houses , back to tobacco , back to painting . i still havent decided what i want to be when i grow up lol
  7. kbgrillin

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    My first real job after high school was at Sun Industries. They built suntanning beds. During H.S. I worked at a fast food place called, Happy Burger. What a name, huh. lol.
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    My first real job was delivering ice. I worked for Midland City Ice Company for 4 years. It was the best job I ever had and I would love to do it again. It didn't only pay the bills but I got to work with good people. We were kind of like family and it is hard to find a job like that. I really miss it!!!
  9. MRR

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    Quit school at 16(dumb) went to work for neighbor doing mostly concrete work during the summer,during winter at a private saw mill ,carring out slabs and lumber.Neighbor owned both .,then got married at 21 and worked for a farmer then a factory in Louisiana ,Mo . Starks Bros nusery,Pepsi in Qcy,Il.Plumbing in Mo. back to Starks Bros then to trucking school in K.C.MO , then dump truck 10 yrs.Then Delevery for a company 5yrs back to dump truck ,then retired and now back to dump truck hauling asphault.So much for retiring.Just about my life history in the work field. I THINK.:roll_eyes:
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    Yuma, Arizona
    I actually joined the Corps prior to graduating high school. 10 days after graduation, I was standing on yellow foot prints at Parris Island getting my butt chewed by a drill instructor and, wondering what the heck I got myself into!:eek:oooh: :crazy: :lol:
  11. catchinghogs

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    First job was at McDonalds have done alot of different things such as roofing now I am an electrician.
  12. laidbck111

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    My first job, other than family work, was workng for the county at the fire house. I cleaned the trucks and the building for almost 2 years then got my EMT certification, while holding that job I worked a couple of dozen are so part time jobs learning different things. Now having left EMS after more years than I can count, lol, I have my second full time job at BCBS.
  13. iowacatter

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    My first "real" job, after I quit going to college, was for a contractor who did all the signing for big interstate cronstruction jobs.

    It was a pretty god job and payed allright. Then one day the Foreman came to the yard and said he needed the truck, which was loaded, taken to the other end of the job, asked if any of us knew how to drive it?

    Of coarse I told him I did, I didnt have a clue how to drive it, but it beat fillin sand bags.:lol:
    So from then on I was drivin it everyday!! Figured if I could get payed to drive that truck all day, I better get my license.:lol:

    Have had several other jobs in between driving, but always went back to the trucks. Thanks for sharing and letting me share!!
  14. Ardiva

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    Kenai, AK
    I worked in a major bank in downtown Los Angeles. Wish I could go back to that job again, I really liked it. lol
  15. LiquidSteel

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    La Vista N
    While I was in high school, I started at Mcdonalds, then at an auto body repair shop that specialized in Corvairs, then after high school, the Army, roofing, concrete, telemarketing:roll_eyes: , and finally the credit card business.
  16. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    my first job was volunteering at the local trout hatchery on thursdays but my first paying job was fountain server at friendly's
  17. janton311

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    Wichita Kansas
    My first "real" job was at Cessna aircraft, I installed the windows in the citationX
  18. FS Driver

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    my first full time taxes taken out johnny punch clock job was
    at bass trail boat trailers in midway arkansas
    i was a trailer prep boy.
    had to chip spatter and slag off welds and clean the grease off the frames and fenders to prepare for painting.
    a welder got his back wrenched and i got to try my hand at a stick welder and i was given the position of welding the cross members together .
    i thought that was a pretty decent tradeoff .
    one quirky memory was the poor tourtises that happened to stray to close to the shop would get a fresh coat of whatever color was in the pot at the time!!!! we had pretty turtles in our area:lol: .
  19. Believer

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    Greenwood, AR.
    My first job after getting out of the Navy in 89 as a broadcast tv technician was a warehouse worker, then I was an electronics assembler, then a telephone switching technician and for the past 13 years a service tech for Coca Cola. Man, i'm tired of fixing things! :big_smile:
  20. copycat

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    New Jersey
    My first real, decent paying job was a lab technition at various asphalt plants. I would pull an asphalt sample off the trucks just as they were being filled and run extraction and gradation tests to make sure the asphalt mix was right, basicly making sure the plant wasn't dumping fine aggregate in to the mix. Fine aggregate is cheaper than course aggregate.