What type rods, reels, hooks, swivels, line, and sinkers, do you use.

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  1. vacatfish

    vacatfish Member

    bedford virginia
    Smith m lake
    This is another thing that would be very helpful to the brothers and sisters who are joining that are just geting into catfishing.

    If you don't mind and if you can post sizes of them and photos if you can. thanks for any input thats give.
  2. buzz crackstock

    buzz crackstock Active Member

    Staunton, IL
    I'll start from the big stuff and work my way down. All are spooled with 30 lb berkley big game solar. 10' glowstick with okuma 302 classic pro bc. Two 9' berk reflex rods with okuma 202 classic pro reels. 10' reflex with an okuma BR90 (spinning rod/reel) 9' premier nite stick with abu cardinal( not sure of model # but its a bigun'", 9' alpha with the big alpha reel (spinning rod), 9' alpha with abu 5600 (baitcast). I am going to get a couple okuma BR 65sto replace the alpha and abu spinning reels. nothen wrong with them I just love the bait feeder function. I think I am going with 20 lb berk big game on them. I use gamakatsu octopus hooks, anywhere from 4/0 to 8/0. 2-5 oz bank sinkers, sometimes hammered flat with swivels zip tied to the hole to run the line through. right now I use #7 swivels from wal-mart, but am thinking about getting some better ones. I think that about covers the tackle. Home made rod holders and 5 gallon buckets for bait. aerator from wally world, runs on a D battery, snap on bait bucket lid from cat connection, and long stringer.

  3. vacatfish

    vacatfish Member

    bedford virginia
    Smith m lake
    Wow nice setups brother. just think of how many members you just help by posting that.

    Man i am so happy we have brothers like you. brothers like you are what also makes this family worth what it is.
  4. Nate

    Nate New Member

    OH - IO
    I use two different set ups.

    My "small" catfish rig is an 8'6" Medium action Ugly Stik Salmon/Steelhead rod, an old Abu Garcia FIVE baitcasting reel with 30# test Berkley Fireline. I use 1-2 ounce egg sinker on the main line, then I tie on a good quality barrel swivel. Next is a 15# mono leader 24 - 36 inches long with a kahle hook between size 2 - 2/0.

    I originally bought this set up for Steelhead fishing deep river holes and found it to be the perfect channel catfish rig also. Anytime a good rig can serve double duty is a bonus for me.

    My "large" set up is an American Premier NiteStick, 9' Med-Hvy action rod. An Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C4 6500 baitcasting reel, with 50# test Power Pro line. 1 - 4 ounce egg sinkers on the main line, quality barrel swivel, and a mono leader, usually 30# test and 36 inches long. Circle hook size 4/0 or larger works best on this set up.

    I don't have a boat, and strictly bank/shore fish. I find that the longer rods and small diameter super lines gives me greater casting distance than shorter rods.
  5. bigpapa15206

    bigpapa15206 Guest

    I have two 6'6" ugly sticks each with a shakespear skp2000 baitcaster attached to it. 30# power pro on each attached to a heavy duty snap swivel. I tie my own leaders with 50# omniflex mono, about 12"-18" leaders then 4/0 red j hooks(small flat and channels) or 6\0 eagle claw (big flats). I use green liver, sunfish, shad, sheepshead and wipers for bait, depends on which is biting. My biggest this year was about a 25#, i got him in without to much worrying but i would not recommend my reels if you plan on going after anything biggger than 30# fish.
  6. ryang

    ryang Well-Known Member

    Blacklick, Ohio
    My 2 heavy setups are, 6500C3's one on a Medium Ugly the other on Medium Heavy ugly with 20# Berkley Big game Both Rots are 7ft. My light setups are spinners with 12# test on 7 1/2ft rod.
  7. Catman 1964

    Catman 1964 New Member

    New Mexico
    Here are my setups

    Shimano 6500B Baitrunner
    Abu/Garcia 6500 C3
    Abu/Garcia 6000

    9' MH Reflex Spinning Rod
    9' MH Glowstick
    9' MH King Kat Pro Casting Rod
    8' MH King Kat Casting Rod

    20# Big Cat Trilene

    These outfits help me fish for just about anything here in NM.
  8. photocat

    photocat New Member

    HOCO, Maryland
    Rods: anywhere from 4'6" - 6'6" ultralights up to 9' Surfcasting MH/H rods

    Reels: shakespeare alpha (step up from ultra light just for line capacity purposes) on my ultra lights (most of them), variety of spinning reels including a Shimano Baitrunner on the surf rod, and either shakespeares take off of Abu's ambassador series 2000xr i think but don't quote me on it , or Abu's 6500C3 on baitcasting, Going to try Bass Pros version of the C3's though soon,

    Line: ultra lights-4# WWS camo line
    Medium -Berkley Big game 12#
    heavy (including surf): BBG 15#
    Boat Rod- BBG 25#

    Swivels: size 2- 2/0 usually but if i find larger or slightly smaller for cheap i'll pick them up

    Hooks: Gamas Octupus Circles in sizes 2/0- 7/0
    Eagle Claw L/S circles 1/0- 2/0
    Eagle Claw baitholders size 4 for bullheads
    EC or Gama's aberdeens and cirlces size 6-12 for bait collecting (bluegills and white perch mostly)

    Sinkers: 1/8 - 3/4 eggs
    1/2- 1 1/2 bass cast/bell
    1-4 pyramid
    1-3 no rolls
    all depending on the water conditions and fishes moods... sometimes no weight at all

    Rod holders:
    Bank- Bass Pro's one for 3
    Spiral heavy duty and normal duty
    horizontal holder (catfish connection has it)
    If all are left behind at home Y sticks

    Boat- Driftmasters

    Please note i do not usually catch 100+ lb fish or even 25+ lb fish most of mine are 10lbs and under.
  9. gtva

    gtva Member

    Bassett, VA
    Bank fishing:
    8.5' St Croix surf rod w/ Daiwa Millionaire 7HT reel, 17 lb mono
    12' Cabela's Predator rod w/Pflueger Trion 66 reel, 30 lb Stealth braid

    various Ugly Sticks from 6' to 7'
    Abu Garcia, Penn, and Shakespeare baitcasters w/20 lb mono

    circle hooks up to 5/0, with different leader and sinkers depending on the situation
  10. master_cat

    master_cat Active Member

    this is a good all around rig easy to do u can either use a spin or a bait caster

    i use 2 7 foot uglysticks
    two abu garcia rocket baitcasters
    14 pound test stren u can use bigger
    but if u set yer drag u can get a 60 pounder in
    just as u would a 1 pounder i think useing the smaller
    line results in more bites i may be wrong
    then i use a 7inch slip bobber with a 5/0 eagle claw hook
    just recently started useing them and my hook up rate climed
    u need 2 split shot about a inch above the hook
    dont forget yer stops and yer beads
    then i set one bout a half a foot off bottem then one about 6 foot
    with ever starts geting hits is wat the other is switched to this is how i have
    most of my luck

    good luck to ya all and hey man that logo disaperred off my pic can u show me how to put it back thanks
  11. BAM

    BAM New Member

    Rods; 8' catmax and berkley glowsticks 7 and 8 foot.
    reels; mitchell 306, abu 6501s 7000, penn 209, & 330 gti
    Line; 50lb power pro, 30lb p-line, 60 lb ande for leader
    Hooks; octopus circles, circles, khale 1/0 to 10/0
    Sinkers; no rolls and bank sinkers 1 to 5 oz, split shot assorted sizes.
    Rigs; standard slip rig, threeway, dropshot with many variations of each.

    throw in some slipfloats, barrel, threeway and snap swivels, small glowsticks, rubber bands.
    I know that sounds like a lot of stuff, but it fits in a small softside tacklebox and a small hardbox for the sinkers. I can be ready to fish in your boat or mine, or from the bank in about five minutes.
  12. CJ21

    CJ21 New Member

    Montgomery, Alabama
    Reels Shakespeare Tidewater Freeliner TWS70FL
    Abu Garcia 6000

    Rods 7'' and 8'' MH Rods

    Line 20 lb big game line.

    1 oz bank sinkers, slip floats, 2/0 hooks, and some bait.
  13. stickthrower

    stickthrower Guest

    2ea Tidewater 30L's mounted on 7'MH Abu and Ugly Sticks with 40# Big Game
    for big cats from boat.

    2ea ABU 7001HS's mounted on 9'MH Okuma rod with 30# Big Game for big cats from the bank.

    3ea ABU 6000C mounted on 71/2' Okuma rods with 20# big game for boat.

    1ea ABU 6501C3 mounted on 71/2' Okuma rod with 20# Big Game for boat.

    2ea ABU 5501C3 mounted on 7' Flippin Sticks with 20# Big Game.

    3ea ABU 5000 older series on 7' Flippin Sticks with 15# Big Game.

    Sinkers: Homemade (cheapest around) & use spoons for moulds as they make a great "no roll" & different size spoons of different size weights.

    Gamakatsu Octupus Hooks: 1/0 to 9/0 depending on what fishing for and size of bait used. A liitle more expensive, but super sharp and great hooks. Would rather spend money here for better quality than cut corners.

    Swivels/three ways/snaps: The best I can find- This is not the place to skimp on money!

    Leaders: 20-50# Big Game

    As you can see I like Ambassadeur reels-They are not the most expensive, but they last forever with just a little TLC. I have various other brand rigs that I use also, however the above are my main cat rigs. :)

  14. RMXmitch

    RMXmitch New Member

    My first rig is a Pinnacle Power Tip Pro, which my Penn sits on. The rod is very strong, I dont know if I want to see the fish that breaks that rod. I use Gamakatsu Octupus 4x Strong size 6/0-7/0. Those hooks are also very strong, and ensure good hook sets. I use heavy crance swivels from bass pro, what ever the biggest size they have are. I use Triline big Game 25lb high visibility line. And my sinker of choice in a local river or lake would be a no roll about 2 oz.

    My other rig is a Shakespeare Ugly Cat Stick, which my Abu 6500c3 sits on. The rod is thinner, but very strong for its size. I do not doubt its strenght when fighting a big fish. I use Trilene Big Game 20lb High Vis. for this reel, and it also works very well. Other that that I use all the same tackle that I stated above.
  15. Desperado

    Desperado Active Member

    Pataskala, Ohio
    For heavy catfishing ,I have a pair of 7' Quantum Big Cat rods(heavy) with an Abu 6500 on one and a Abu S.I.X. on the other with 50 lb/12 lb. dia. Power pro.

    For Reg. catfishing ,I have a 7' South Bend Black Beauty Rod (MH) with a Abu 6000 on it. Also a 6 1/2' Abu IM6 rod with a Penn 9M on it. Both reels spooled up with 20lb Big Game Hi-Vis line.

    All rods are one piece rods and all reels have clickers on them.
  16. slimepig

    slimepig New Member

    Kerrville Texas
    for the big ones I have a 9 ft eagleclaw salmon rods and penn 9 and 109 reels with 50# biggame line. The penns arent made for that size line, but the rod helps compensate. my smaller setups are 7 foot eagleclaw rods with ambassadeur 6500 and 5000 series reels and 20# biggame line.. all reels have bait clickers, and the rods are 2 pc. I have the rods setup for nightfishing with vaccum tubing attached to tip section of rod for inserting 1.5 inch chem lights (attached pic).

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  17. Skrod

    Skrod Guest


    I do all my fishing in SE Virginia (Hampton Roads area), and like alot of folks here I don't have a boat and have to do all my fishing from the bank, too.

    I started out with kinda dual-purpose rigs (misc. freshwater and catfishing), but now that another member of the BOC has turned me on to fishing the Chickahominy River near Williamsburg (VERY strong current), I've been gathering somewhat larger gear that can do both River catfishing and surf fishing if necessary. A couple rigs I use can work from the bank and a boat for just about anything. I'll list them from large to small:

    (1) 10' TICA UEHA 630502S 2-pc Heavy-Action (2 oz - 8 oz lure) Surf Rod; Penn CLL6000 LiveLiner baitfeeding spinning reel; 30# Berkley FireLine (smoke).
    Usually Carolina rigged or bottom rigged with those pre-made wire rigs. Usually use 6/0 or 8/0 Gamakatsu Octopus Circle hooks -- sometimes Eagle Claw 3/0 or 2/0 black Nylawire leader/swivel/hook rigs with a #4 or #2 LazerSharp red treble "stinger" hanging off it for live baitfish (main hook goes through bait, and treble sticks in from back side -- either direction a fish tries to bite it, its going to get a faceful of hook, usually works pretty good)..
    Very capable combo capable of launching 5+ oz lead + whole eels and baitfish a very good distance (when I do it right, LOL. Still getting used to this kinda combo / weight and huge pole, etc. Practice will make perfect. :rolleyes: I'll get a 12' combo here soon that will deal with even more weight. Gotta get out into that channel!) The Penn LiveLiner reels are simply outstanding: smooth-running tanks that just bring it.

    (2) 8' Tsunami Tropy 2-pc MH Action (4oz lure) Surf Rod; Penn CLL5000 LiveLiner baitfeeding spinning reel; 30# Berkley FireLine (smoke). Rigged as above.
    Again, very capable combo that can really launch things. Nifty rod. Still short enough to use from a boat if necessary.

    (3) 7' TICA UEHA 521301S 1-pc MH action Surf Rod (3/4 oz - 3 oz lure); Penn CLL5000 LiveLiner reel again; 30# Stren SuperBraid (lo-vis green). Rigged as above.
    Slings some weight around pretty good, but can't cast as far as the above rigs. Still would work from a boat, though.

    (4) 7' TICA SEHA 621301 1-pc Heavy-Action carbon-fiber regular spinning rod (absolutely unreal rod); Pflueger Gold Medalist Pro 040 spinning reel; 20# Berkley FireLine (smoke). Rigged as above.
    (NOTE) This combo is just the most outstandingly versatile and capable combo I've got for general-purpose catfishing -- bar none. Other members I'm sure have heard me brag this thing up in the "Catfishing Gear" section of the old site. The rod is very light and slim, but casts like it was constructed of carbon fiber and weapons-grade plutonium, and the reel is so smooth it can "reel itself" by just waggling the rod handle the right way -- whole rig weighs barely a pound and horses in fish 7-12 pounds effortlessly. Can use it on the bank (sends 3 oz lead + whole baitfish out to Neptune) or on a boat just as easily. This is the best Cat rig I've accidentally thrown together with dumb luck.

    (5) 7' 6" Quantum Blue Runner medium-action graphite spinning rod; Shakespeare Catera 040 spinning reel; 20# Berkley FireLine (smoke). Rigged as above.
    Versatile general-purpose rig, but won't deal with alot of weight. Nice drag on reel. Very sensitive to strikes, though. Great bream pole that still handles good-sized catfish (you're really fightin' em with this! :D ).

    (6) Pair of 7' Ugly-Stik InterCoastal 1-pc MH action spinning rods; Shakespeare Axiom 035 rear-drag spinning reels; 20# Stren SuperBraid. Rigged variously with anything and everything
    What I started out with, and great general purpose rigs for most things I still do. Can't deal with slinging huge amounts of weight, but they'll cast baitfish and smaller weights out to Mars and still fight and land big old fish of whatever species. Great "everything" rigs, and ones to bring along to let friends use, too. Rear drag is a little weird, but really easy to use. Kids and people new to fishing find this rear drag really easy to get a feel for and adjust while fighting. If I don't know what kind of fishing I'm gonna do that day, I still grab one of these.

    This heaping pile of stuff runs the gamot of medium to quite large and shows off my Cat-mania as much anything else. But it least all still fits in my Plymouth minivan with buckets and bait and tackle and flashlights and nets etc., etc., etc., and there's still room for 4 people, too!

    Anyway, for someone looking for ideas, there's got to be nearly something for everyone up there.
    Have fun...

  18. vacatfish

    vacatfish Member

    bedford virginia
    Smith m lake
    SKROD nice t see another virginia brother im from the area of bedford.
  19. peewee williams

    peewee williams Guest

    Most of the time,I have little to no feeling in my hands.I can not cast.I can not free spool a reel without a tangle.My reels have to be large,for me to grasp & operate.Spinning=.Okuma Coronado BR-90 baitfeeder spinning reel with x-tra spools & a wide range of lines on the x-tra spools .I also use a assortment of rods for this reel,as my reach,is my distance.Spinning rods=.Old Cabelas,11 ft.-1 3/4 lb.test curve Predator,Master 6000,Glow stix 7-8 ft.rods in the 10-25 lb.range,and a assortment of multi section and telescopic poles,all with with tips and eyes,from 10-20 ft. (yes 10-20 ft.)Casting=.#1,The old Johnson Maxxum spin cast reel.Large,simple,and a 150yd.mono.capacity.#2.A Shimano Charter Special 2000 LD with 300 yds.of 20 lb.Trilene X-T,that I am learning to use.I think the lever drag may allow me to use a conventional reel,and fish like you boys do..(I need knowledge type help,with this type reel.All and any type help.)Casting rods=Reflex,Master 6000,Glow stix,Zebco,ect.,6-8 ft.rods,in the 10-25 lb..range,and a 10-20 ft. assortment of multisection and telescopic poles for casting reels.I even have a 24in.& a 30in.rod for fishing in a real close place.Tye wraps have to be used a lot to attach the reels.All are tied off,to keep me from losing it.Kahle hooks of all sizes let me fish.I can not feel the bites to set a hook.These rigs might look weird,but they let me fish.When I found the BOC,I started to get the urge to go fishing in the water.Thank you all
  20. PGPugsley

    PGPugsley Guest

    Rod: Cabela's Predator 11' 1.75# test curve

    Reel: Abu Garcia 6500 TCCF

    Line: Cabela's Ripcord Si 50#

    Swivel: #2 Stainless Ball Bearing

    Hook: Usually a #4 Treble or a Bait Holder