What traps do you use for trapping turtles

Discussion in 'Turtle Talk' started by bird_dog2011, May 26, 2006.

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    hey guys my name is Curt i live in Camanche Iowa and i have about 20 ponds more than 10 acres each and there are LARGE amount of turtles and i would like to learn what kind of traps or something to catch them. because i have many friends that say they catch them and sell them and some say if you dress the meat you can get well over 100 dollars for a 20 pound turtle. I know about every person who owns these ponds so i have great access and trust me there are many big turtles out there. it is fun because i have seen the size of the turtles pulled out and i was just asking for some tips.

    thanks so much guys
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    ky, totz
    usealy after i fillet a bunch of bluegilles i will cut the carcus in half and set them on a limbline with the bait on the bottem. make them easy to clean,and carry, plus a box of 5/0 hooks ine one pocket and a roll of #18 bradid twine in the other plus a bucket of fish parts and youll be rolling in turtal before you know it

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    a milk jug with 2/0 hook
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    Here's you a tip. Take an old wash tub with holes in it and wire a board going across the middle. Tie a rope or heavy fishing line to the handle and let it float out into the middle of your pond. The board will keep it floating and turtles will climb up on it to bask in the sun then flop back off into the water right into your wash tub. Hope this helps.