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    Hello everyone I went to whiskey slough the other night and yet again came up short......All I caught was one striper.. I was NOT striper fishing. Yet I'm not willing to give up yet. Maybe what I need is new bait.. All the info I can get will help.. I used worms, sardines, and chicken liver, clams. Help me. :embarassed: U guys/gals are awesome
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    Hey James,
    Sounds to me you had some good baits out there - one bait that you may like to add is "Shad"
    Don't find yourself always fishing in one spot or area of the Delta
    (Remember you have over 1000 miles of water to fish on the Ca. Delta),
    there have been times that I been in one area of the Delta and didn't get a bite or caught nothing but dinks & went to another area in the Delta (on the same Day) & did well.
    So you want to move around sometimes to find the fish - instead of the fish trying to find you.

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    You may also want to try stink bait or mackerel. Like Bert said Shad is a good bait too. Just got to keep trying different spots. Just like the old farts tell me, "that's why it's called fishin and not catchin".:smile2: With the baits you are using you will eventually find the spot. Give a spot a good 45 min or so and move on if nothing is happening. There are some nice size channels out there, and strippers. Good luck and thanks for the report.
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    Hey James... the natural bait up there is clams, cdads, and shad... find where the shad are and you should be able to catch some cats...

    Which end of the slough are you fishing?:eek:oooh:.... I'd try out by the oxbowl lake as there is some nice deeper water on the west bank to the north of slough... no water skiers at nite I imagine :big_smile:

    Bayrunner Ray
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    James don't forget to try anchovie's squid and mackerl .