What the BAYOU means to me!

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  1. paul c

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    I remember when I was a little boy, always going with dad to the BAYOU. We had a small homemade plywood boat that dad had built. I remember sitting up front paddeling with the homemade paddle made out of plywood also. Dad would let me run the trot lines that was where I saw my first logerhead turtle. We caught countless catfish in that BAYOU using dogfood & block cheese. As the years went by,
    & I grew older I did not spend as much time on the BAYOU as I once did. After I married my wife, Lynda I made it back to the BAYOU to go frog hunting. She could catch frogs better then me & I was raised on the BAYOU. But now we have two boys of our own & live far from the BAYOU. As im teaching my sons to fish, I realize that its not the BAYOU I miss, its the time that me & dad spent makeing memories on that BAYOU.
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    i sure miss fishin with my dad...but have just as much fun fishin with my boys(grown men now)

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    thanks for sharing the memories. never been to the bayous, only in Jerry Reed songs.