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I have some 15 pound Power Pro on my spinning rigs for bream, crappie, and perch, and that stuff is almost too thin. The really light weight stuff, 8-10 pound, was too dang thin to mess with so I went with the heavier line.

I have 20 pound on one of my Abu Garica 5000 baitcasters that I use for casting to stripers that are busting the water.

I do not use Power Pro on my catfish rods. I just can not find a good reason to use it yet. I can land any fish in the water with 20 pound, so there is not real need for the added cost and problems with 50-80 pound.

I am considering adding it to my Abu Garcia 7000's and 9000 for some saltwater trips this summer. The added capacity would be welcome and some security.

I am still open to suggestions and convincing on why I need it though for my catfish rods!! :big_smile:
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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