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    Don't know where to post this-so gonna try here. The powers that be can move it if they so deem it. Eastern Iowa-own two stocked ponds-Channels, largemouth and bluegills. Fish DNR stocked trout streams and the Mississippi. The scout "water turkeys" i.e. Cormorants will arrive shortly= Pond destroyers. Herons arrived already (have a large rookery on the Mississippi near me)=pond and stream destroyers. DNR stocked (DNR=Don't noe ratsh**) river otters are establishing territory=pond, stream and river destroyers. Have seen them destroy pools of brownies, brookies and rainbows just having fun. Take a bite out of their back, leave em' on the bank and go back for more. Point of all this is-How do you control em'. I love wildlife, but sometimes too much of a good thing is too much (like beer drinking) Shoot,shovel and shutup (SSS) philosophies can come to bear, but it's a good way to lose the farm. I have a problem with my private property and that's the only place I want to control. Suggestions would be appreciated-thanks Postbeetle.
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    Hey Postbeetle. Our local conservation officer told several of us. SSS and keep your mouth shut. I have heard number 4 shot works well. Hide around the pond you intend to protect and nail them coming in. They generally follow the same pattern day after day. JMHO

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    Not that I would do such a thing but rumor has it that a 22 magnum with hollow points will do wonders on those fish eaters:big_smile: .
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    I don't know if it applies in this case, but here if wildlife is destroying property, the dept. of conservation will issue special permits that will allow a landowner to kill the problem animals. Wouldn't hurt anything to ask.
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    I'm a firm believer in the three s's. What they don't know won't hurt em.
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    The "Wildlife experts and tree huggers"all have one thing in common.The wildlife that they wish to protect is to be in someone else's backyard.They wish for,promote and even demand other peoples property and even lives to be sacrificed,as long as it is not theirs.If you will notice,you will regularly find on here,attention drawn to articles that appeal to and play on peoples emotion,not thought and judgment.I believe the whole purpose of some are to bleed the hearts,not provoke thought.I think they are very successful with many good hearted and emotional people that think with their heart at times like this.Remember,all sorts read and belong to the BOC.We have some who's jobs are to protect the wildlife that are destroying your life.If you are reported,the law has to act.I have been where you are at with a pond and stream in rural Georgia.If you have to use methods to LEGALY control,Properly sized flag style gill nets and a 22 cal.air rifle are quiet and work with all if you can place your shots.I wish you the best of luck.I love you brothers and sisters.peewee