What size motor ?

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by catfishcrazyjr, May 7, 2006.

  1. catfishcrazyjr

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    what size moter do you guy's think i need for a 16' alum. v bottem and what price range should i pay for it? or what make? i dont know much about boats just know i want one.
  2. copycat

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    New Jersey
    Any where between a 25hp to a 50hp, but check the manufacturers recommendation.

  3. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    I have a 16' Texan, made in 1964. It is rated for a max of 10 hp. Think they may have upgraded the HP since then.
  4. peewee williams

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    A lot has to do with the boat,where,how and what all that you will use it for.Weight,capacity,tiller or remote steering,use of the boat and where to be used such as slow or fast rivers or lake.Also,will you fish the many restricted areas where the 10 horse or less rule applies.The smaller motors will troll at slower speeds on smaller boats.Will you wish to have a motor that you can take on trips to the many areas where you can rent boats.Some,but not all of these places rent motors,but normally cost far more than the boat alone.You are starting right.Find out all you can.Ask local people who are doing what you want to do in a boat.Please remember.You will meet people who honestly believe that what THEY have,HAS to be the best for EVERYONE,so there is NO NEED to ask ANYONE else.There are people out there who will do or tell you anything to separate you from as much money as possible.Many are professionally trained to do this.I have owned boats for 50 years.I am still learning.Luck,peewee-williams
  5. shortshank

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    My suggestion would be to start with a minimum 20horse (19.9) up to what ever the maximum rate for your boat is. Another suggestion I would offer is not a new motor. I bought a new 9.9 Evinrude (short shank model) in 1975. I'm still using it today. I also have a 40 horse Evinrude on the Pequad, 19ft. john. There are people that would not own an Evinrude motor. What ever suits you and your budget is the best. The reason I offer not new is you'll pay too much
    until you find what type & horse you want/like the best. Most boating sales, repair shops have used motors they will guarentee for at least 30 days. Check at your local bait shop(s) they always have someones rig for sale. Get enough answers to make an informed choice on what ever you buy. Good Luck!
  6. jsharper

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    I have a 16' flatbottom with a 25 hp Johnson tiller on it. It is 48" wide and is plenty fast for me. I don't use it in fast water, mostly lakes, but it suits me fine. I bought it in the fall for $2650 off e-bay boat, motor, and trailer. It is a 2001 model. Hope this helps.