What season of the year do you prefer and why?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Cheryl, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Cheryl

    Cheryl Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure I can choose. I do know I love living where there is at least a hint of difference between them. I think fall is sorta depressing at times, but enjoy the crisp, cool air and beautiful leaf colors when we have them. Winter is a favorite of mine because I like cooler weather. Spring probably ties with winter. Summer is fine for a little while, then I tire of the heat. Heat just wears me down after a while. Those are my mental thoughts on the 4 seasons. Physically my body does better in a warmer climate due to health problems.

    Does any of that make any sense? LOL. While we are at it, can we include thoughts on the time change that occurs this weekend? Personally wish they would leave it alone. There is talk again to lengthen DST even longer. Why don't they just change time and leave it alone. Time is time, it still escapes from us all. :confused:

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    I prefer fall. After a long hot summer I look forward to opening the windows in the house and shutting off the A/C. Then when the utility bill comes I can say, "I can pay that." LOL! Also from a cattin point of view fall provides some of the best fishin in my area. As far as the time change is concerned. I prefer the extra daylite in the AM hours.

  3. FS Driver

    FS Driver New Member

    i feel about the same i like 70 degree weather .
    if its fall its very neat looking at all the pretty trees and feeling great 50-70 degree weather.
    summer is neat in its own way but i loathe the real hot days if i am working in a stuffy house or in direct sun. i would rather work evenings and sleep in the day on those 100 degree days.
    bitter cold days aint bad if you have the warmth of good footwear and
    appropriate clothes but if the feet are freezeing and fingers too then it starts to stink in a hurry as well lol but its very cool to see snowy settings and its fun to play inside with the kids after a snowfight or outside chores are done
    makes ya appreciate a nice roof over your head.
    like i said 70 degrees year round is ideal to me
  4. Catfish Fever

    Catfish Fever New Member

    Wside, Mil
    I love the heat of summer, a nice 90 to a 100 degree daydrift fishing on the lake is just fine with me, I'll be in my shorts and tennis shoes, and of course my fishing hat. We catch fish, but not like in the fall.
    End of September on till March or April is the best time to catch BIG Bluecats in the deep water. An added bonus is all the PIC's (Personal Idiot Craft) are off the lake. The few boats I do see are fishing and don't bother anyone. They're usually gone by the end or middle of November. You won't believe the amount of clothes I'm wearing, luckily I don't worry to much about falling off of the Catoon, I just stand back from the rail, PFD probably wouldn't do any good :eek:
  5. T-Bone

    T-Bone New Member

    South of Dallas
    Any time that 70 degree weather will happen is right for me. Only problem is in Texas, that ain't often. I love the spring time. This year we really didn't have a spring just stright to HOT ! It's Oct. now and we have still had 96 degree days. Right now is just about right (only gonna last about 3 weeks), It's 76 in the day and about 58-68 at night.

    The humidity is what kicks my butt......
  6. Dreadnaught

    Dreadnaught New Member

    Any season but summer, LOL!!!
  7. willisjj

    willisjj Guest

    I love the spring and summer. Well, anywhere but Arizona I love the spring and summer. That cold weather makes my bones ache and fall is just a harbinger of winter. I still enjoy fall though as I know squirrel and duck hunting us just right around the corner. Here in AZ now, is a different story, the summertime sometimes reaches ridiculous temps but the winter time really makes up for it though with beautiful days of 75 - 85 degree weather and cool nights. Overall, I will be glad to get back to Oklahoma so I will have all 4 seasons pretty much.
  8. Cataholic

    Cataholic Guest

    New picture? :cool:
    What is the lake in the background?
  9. willisjj

    willisjj Guest

    That is Lake Pleasant, a ways north of Phoenix. I got the worst sunburn that day and caught nothing but a 5" channel cat, lol. Figured that as pretty as I am, yall would probably like to see another picture, lmao!
  10. capt.kirk

    capt.kirk Guest

    I used to like all 4 seasons till the cold weather started making these old
    bones hurt,that was the main reason for the move to florida,we just went
    thru an extra HOT summer here where i would have to to back in the house
    by 10:30 a.m. so it dont matter where you live there will be something that
    you dont care for. :)
  11. ryang

    ryang Well-Known Member

    Blacklick, Ohio
    Anything but winter I hate snow/ice/slush and people that dont know how to drive. Im going to try to fish a couple of times this winter usually Ive packed my stuff up by now but Ill give it a try if I do reel good then maybe Ill start liking it.
  12. GaryF

    GaryF New Member

    O.P., KS
    I like fall, with the warm sunny days and the cool nights. It's my favorite time out in the woods, the leaves start to fall off the trees and the views open up, and most of the bugs are gone.

    On the time change, I'd rather not do the Fall-back.. Working something approximating 8-5, this means you basically never see daylight mid winter. I'd rather have the extra hour in the evening, with some hope of catching the tail end of a nice day before it turns dark and cold.

    RIVER-RAT Active Member

    MO / MT
    I enjoy all the seasons until the summer really heats up, I can't stand the 90-100 degree weather plus the humidity....just about kills me!LOL I really like waking up on a cold winter day...the ground covered in a blanket of snow...walking outside and getting some firewood and building a fire while brewing a pot of coffee!
  14. Txboy

    Txboy New Member

    Hewitt , TX
    Spring and Autumn around these parts the rest of the year its just brown grass and either rain or its so hot you dont feel like doing anything

    I will say the sunrises and sunsets in Texas are just wonderful and i really wish i had a digital camera to take pictures of this area when the area is all green and the bluebonnets, wildflowers are blooming
  15. Marshallmth

    Marshallmth New Member

    Dayton Ohio Area
    Winter no allergies.
  16. Whistler

    Whistler Well-Known Member

    I really like winter the best. I can fish, hunt and the holidays allow me to see all my kids and grandkids more often. Fishing to me is at it's best this time of year. It's easy to catch skipjacks and we really get to see some nice big bluecats when we're lucky. I used to feel just the opposite til I came to Tennessee. Unfortunately for me, October thru December are my worse months for allergies for some reason. Yep, I think October thru May are my favorite months of the year.
  17. Catcaller

    Catcaller Active Member

    I like it at about 50 degrees for a high...with the nights in the 30's. Either fall or spring suits me just fine. The fall plumage of the trees is awesome during duck and deer season...but the green in early spring during the white bass and wiper runs is my most favorite time of all.
  18. TOPS

    TOPS New Member

    I would have to go with spring. I have a hard time with the heat. winter is ok.
  19. Dano

    Dano New Member

    Fall is the best time of year for me. As I get older I tend to dislike summer and look foreword to the cooling weather of fall, leaves changing. Woods are nice this time of year. Fishing, being outdoors is more enjoyable. Lake is very nice this time of year. Bugs are not bad. Most nights are clam, light winds, not too cold and very nice to stir up a little fire. Air is crisp and clean or it seems that way to me. Less people playing on the lake and more fishing. Fish are easier to keep alive in cooler water, if you keep a few now and then like I
    do. They also taste better when taken out of cooler waters. October is one of my favorite months and I like Halloween. . Aint nothing like sitting on the bank fishing with a fire going on a cool clear night. I like spending the whole day at the lake or getting there a couple hours before dark, watching the sun set across the lake. Seems like just before it drops behind the tree lines, fish start biting. Crappie season is coming up on my lake.
    usually many boats are setting along the creek channel in clam waters, relaxing and catching crappie. When I crappie fish, I catch cats at the same time. I have missed the last 2 years of crappie fishing. This year I plan on getting out there.
  20. misterwhiskers

    misterwhiskers New Member

    Spring and Fall

    Spring the big stripers come in,Fall i get back to cattin and smallmouths walleyes and smaller stripers.The scenery is very pretty too at both times of the year,plus,you can still wear the sweaters and boots this time of year.Got alot of nice sweaters and boots that spend more time in a closet then anywhere else....LOL

    Plus theres things like fresh baked pies that make autumn special!
    Not to mention hearty soups like beef stew,really enjoy comin in after cold night of fishing and have a big bowl of soup and roll......kkgottago .....gettin hungry now