What rods shouldn't I consider purchasing?

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by dreamcatcher, Sep 29, 2006.

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    We always start threads about the rods that are considered good for different catfishing situations, so I thought I would get everyone's opinion on rods that are supposedly designed for catfishing that you don't like. Give us a practical reason why you wouldn't fish with it even if I gave one to you. It is my belief that most of the manufacturers make good rods, so there aren't too many bad ones out there. However, I am sure there are a few that slip through the cracks. In an attempt to save the novice (or experienced) fisherman some hard earned cash give us your list of rods that you feel are real clunkers. Don't just blanket a manufacturer unless you feel all their products are substandard (which is hardly the case). Give us a model number or rod type...
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    Vic, there is only one rod that I have had bad experiences with more than once. That is the berkeley big game rods. I had one of the older originals that was a one piece solid eglass construction, it was fair. I have had two more that were hollow and they both broke in the middle one was a one piece and the other was a two piece. I'll add the other $10 bucks or so from now on and get the Shakespeare uglies. Vern

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    i have three berkly big game rods the two piece hollow ones ill watch for that thanks for the info as for me ive had the same thing happen with southbend cat combos
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    I haven't had trouble with my Berkley Big Game rods yet, but once I found out about the Ugly Stik catfish rods I would much rather spend the extra money for them. I had a Zebco spinning rod years ago that was supposely a catfish rod, has a glow tip on it, well it broke after a couple fish. Besides that I have not had trouble with any of my other rods besides the little guides coming off and stuff.