What rigs can Trick the Elusive Flathead Catfish

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  1. ssskinner27

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    What do all you guys think is the best or most reliable rig for catching and keeping the fish hooked. I also heard if you arent setup right when a Flathead bites he can feel any tension on the line even the weight if it doesnt slide or isnt hooked up off the main line.

    So what is the best way to trick the elusive Flat.
  2. I use all different kinds, but mostly just a heavy split shot or two. I'll let them bang the line a few times and take care of the hook up just feeling the line in freespool. I notice that if they spook or drop it they will come back to investigate. They are very territorial. Of course, this is fishing from a boat in 7 feet of water, so I don't know what to recommend for shore fishing.

  3. RebelMan

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    carolina rig. dont matter what kind of weight you use (i like the disk sinker or bank sinkers) .have your reel set light on free spool. when the flattie takes the bait it will pull the line out without it feeling the weight, while the sinker stays on the bottom. then just give him hell:smile2:
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    :0a25: welcome to the boc john!:0a25:
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    i usually use a 1 1/2 ounce slip sinker, give or take an ounce or so when shore fishing, with a split shot below the slip sinker and above my leader. ive also heard good things about using a three way swivel, 1 eye to your rod, one to the leader, and one with lighter line to the sinker so you can break just the sinker off in case of a snag. but there are removable egg sinkers that have a plastic eye on top that i have found will pull out of the sinker in case of a snag, i dont think they are designed to do this, but its happened to me a few times and saved me from re-tying. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR LINE AFTER A SNAG! good luck to you
  6. lendog

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    berks, PA
    my main line is 80# power pro with a carolina rig, disc or no-roll sinker on a sinker slide, i also use about 5-6 ft. of 40# big cat mono as a leader with a 8/0 gama octopus circle hook
  7. Blacky

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    Philadelphia, P
    Carolina Rig that consist of 2-3 oz No-Roll sinker, bead, swivel, leader and 6 to 10 sized kahles or Gammy Octopus hooks.
  8. readingcatfisher

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    Berks coun
    I use the Carolina rig :wink:2 oz disc sinker swivel 40#Ande mono shock leader 8/0 Team catfish or Gamakatsu octopus circle
  9. RebelMan

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    :0a21:you use only 6-10 size kahle hooks? or 6/0 - 10/0 hooks?
  10. Welder

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    I fish a bank weight slip style most of the time most the flats I get just chomp and go. Just make shure to use enough hook, rod and line --- lol this commen from the guy who fishes for em with 10 to 12 lb test --- 65 and a 42 -- when fishen for lil ones. If you got river current on your side a slip float rig works great for worken timber or rock piles -- one of my faves is a soda bottle rigged with a snap swivle and beads like a slip float a 2 to 4 ounce sliding sinker another swivle 2 ft of tag line and hook -- I set it to depth about 1 ft off the bottom and set it right ahead of the log jam. They pull the float under the fight is on.
  11. Fishing Addict

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    Not sure what you call it, but i use 5oz bank sinkers tied to 8lb mono then tied to one end of a a barrel swivel, the main line runs through the other end of the swivel with a spltshot pinched on about 2 1/2 feet above a 7/0 gamagatsu octopus tied with a palomar knot. then I leave my spinning reels with the bails open. I take the line before the first eye and double on to itself a clip a bobber over the loop of the line then the current pulls the bobber up tight to the eye I pull the remaining slack out of the loop in the bobber till there is just barely any line under the hook. When a flaty hits the bobber falls off and everything is in frespool. It seemes to be working for me so far
  12. jason berry

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    Carolina Rig works very well and what I use most of the time, and if your in a place that has little to no current you can get away with no weight or split shots, thats how I lake fish.
  13. ste6168

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    I use 25lb or 40lb Green Berkeley Big Game (depending on the rod), Gamakatsu Octopus-Circle Hooks 8/0, 5mm plastic beads, sinker slide OR size 5 swivel, 15lb Berkely Big Game to sinker, and sinker size depends on conditions. Sinker and swivel tied with polomar knots, and sinker tied with loop at snap. bead and slide/swivel are free to move about on line, bead is to protect knot and keep swivel off the hook. and then of course a large baitfish on the end :smile2:

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