What Rig to Use?

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by mudcat_xpress, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. mudcat_xpress

    mudcat_xpress Member

    Beckley, WV
    I generally fish for flatheads, so I like to just take a couple 1oz sinkers, no swivel, a 10/0 hook and give it a fling. What about you?
  2. spoonfish

    spoonfish New Member

    Warsaw, Mo.
    Swivels serve there purpose , but they can be one more place and another weak spot in your line. Studys would show a single line has more strength, however do to the rolling effect a (trophy size) catfish has when hooked, compounded by line twist without one, I still allways use one. I usally fish deeper for the blues, but when i'm short lineing and flipping for flats I still use the same. I use a 7/0 to 10/0 hook and a 3/0 to 4/0 quality 2 way swivel 1 to 2 feet up with just enough weight to get to desired depths.I use 80 lb. braided line for both.

  3. JAYNC

    JAYNC Active Member

    Newport N.C.
    I use 30 lb test on the reel, I use a 3 way swivel , 3/0 from sea striker, I use about 2 feet of braided 80lb test for the line to the hook, for a hook I use a 7/0 Gamakatsu octopus, I use 10 lb line for the sinker so if the sinker gets hung up I just loose it instead of everything.
  4. jbird711

    jbird711 New Member

    I use 2 way swivel i dont like for my sinker to be on my bait i use live bait mostly i like for bait to be able to move around a little bit it keeps it alive longer i think this way it gives off more action for fish to pick up on to.
  5. Desperado

    Desperado Active Member

    Pataskala, Ohio
    Just use the basic slip rig and modify according to the area I'm fishing.
  6. Catfight

    Catfight New Member

    Summerfield N.C.
    I'm fishing weekend tournaments in a couple stocked ponds in my area for big Blues and Flatheads up to 60 lbs.. But alot of the hour money is won on 3 to 10 lb. fish. I fish a slip bobber rig with a 3 way swivel. I run a 7/0 Gamakatsu on a 2" leader off one swivel baited for the smaller fish. And a 7/0 on a 12" leader with a live Gill for the big boys. I feel like this doubles my chances of finishing in the money. I'm fishing for my share of $3000.00 this weekend, wish me luck boys. Nothings more exciting than a good Catfight. :cool:
  7. barbel

    barbel New Member

    The rig that I use for flatheads goes like this:

    1-1.5 oz slip sinker
    6"-2' leader, depending on conditions
    6/0 - 8/0 gamakatsu octopus or octopus circle hook
    live or cut bait, depending.

    This seems to get them really well, especially in small ponds and rivers where there is no thermocline to nuke your bait.
  8. bigpapa15206

    bigpapa15206 New Member

    30# power pro
    1-2 oz egg sinker
    heavy duty snap swivel
    20# for leaders
    I tie a few leaders with a 5\0 hook for big flats
    a few 1\0 circle for channels
    a few 4\0 red saltwater hooks for the big channels
  9. Kittyhunter

    Kittyhunter New Member

    Princeton, NC
    I use 30 lb line with a 3 oz egg/slip sinker, plastic bead to protect the knot from the sinker, swivel, 2-3 foot leader from the same line, and a 6/0 circle hook. This works great for us in the river. You wouldn't need that big a sinker in the lake, probably a 1 oz would do fine. We don't do any lake fishing. I have recently thought of using a 3 way swivel with lighter line for the sinker. That would definately save some hooks. The hooks I use are pretty cheap though. I can't see buying expensive hooks when mine work just as well. Lazer Sharp 6/0 Circle Sea from Walmart. I bend the circle open just a tad. Let the fish bend the rod over good before you touch it, pick it up and start reeling. They hook themselves almost every time.
  10. Bigunz

    Bigunz New Member

    I keep it simple. For fishing the river where the bottom is mostly mud/snags/logjams I use #30-#50lb. test, a 1-3oz. bank sinker and a 7/0 Gamakatsu Octopus hook (which are lethal hooks to say the least)! I allow the sinker to slide all the way down to my hook, that way I don't have excess line swinging around in the current to get snagged. Now below the Dam I use a three-way rig. Still use #30-#50lb. test, same line for my hook and 8lb. mono for my sinker line, and I use #4-#5oz. bank sinkers there as well.
  11. nuthinlikeacat

    nuthinlikeacat New Member

    Eden Prairie, Minnesota
    60# power pro
    5-7 oz sinker
    3 way swivel
    2 ft 80 lb Gorilla Braid from swivel to hook, 1 ft 30 lb mono from swivel to sinker
    7\0 hook for big flats (in Minnesota, it's hard to get a hold of bigger hooks)