What rig is best for catfishing

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    Every time we go catfishing in a boat my dad (zing) catches all the fish.And i thought it was the way i rig my line.i use a three way swivel with a weight on the long line and on the short line i put a hook, my dad(zing) uses a weight above a swivel and then about a foot of leader with a hook on the end(carolina rig).We drop right off the edge of the boat and then reel about 1-2 feet off the bottem. And was wondering if there is a good or bad way to rig for catfish.
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    Both those rigs you describe are good ones. Both have caught alot of fish in alot of situations. .
    The "Best" rig/line/hook/swivel/whatever, is what YOU feel the most comfortable with. I prefer the Carolina rig myself, but thats not to say its the best rig for you. I also try different ones for different situations or if I want to change my bait presentation... Best thing to do is to try several and find the one that works best for ya...

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    You didn't say what bait you were using or the leader length of your rig....Assuming that you are using the same leader length, your dad is fishing his bait about a foot off the bottom, while yours is higher off the bottom...Try reverseing the sinker/hook on your rig....Also check out the BOC Table of Contents in my signature and go to the catfish rigs and check em out....Also, doing like daddy does wouldn't be a bad idea.....lol....Dwight