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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by Ruffneck, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. Ruffneck

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    De Soto, Missouri
    Hey guys need some help deciding what reels to purchase. I have used tidewater past couple of years been looking at okumas and the ambassedeur 7000 and 9000 Im kind of reluctant to shell out a bunch of money because of the sand and grit that comes with river fishing afraid of spending 150 bucks on a 9000 and it not last as long as a walmart tidewater any input would be appreciated
  2. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    IMO, a Penn reel will stand up to that kind of hard use better than an Abu. For less expensive models, look at the 209, leveline, jigmaster 500; more expensive models better for really long distance models are the GT series. I've got a leveline and a jigmaster, both of which have been used a lot for surf fishing; I use them now for catfishing. Oh yeah, the jigmaster's over 40 years old, the leveline about 35. Other than cleaning and lubing, the only work done on either was a replacement of the clicker on the jigmaster a couple of years ago.

  3. Mr.T

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    I've got 4 of the Abu 7000C3's and really like them. Bought them at Rogers Sporting Goods in Liberty for $79 each brand new.
  4. AwShucks

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    I don't rightly think it matters what brand of reel it is... if you don't pull a minimal amount of maintenance on it, it will not last. That includes removing the sand which can inadvertently get into the reel from bank fishing... heck, even transporting a rod/reel in the back of a pickup is going to require more maintenance than if you transported it in a car.
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    There are so many good choices and the type of line is a factor. With the thin braids, you can use smaller reels and still have plenty of capacity. Like hunting with a favorite gun, have fun reels. I like the penn jigmasters too and the penn squidder with a spare spool can allow you to change from mono to braid in less than a minute (or from 20 to 40lb line). Even some of the old small shakespeares and pfluegers can be fun and you can find them cheap. I probably use garcia 6000's the most because they balance nicely on medium rods. Actually, think in terms of getting two or three medium baitcasters, 2 larger (7000 or so), and 3 spin reels with the baitrunner option like shimano 4500's or Mitchell alarm reels. Then start looking for more reels 'cause you just cannot have enough!!!!! Reel nut in Hannibal
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    me personaly i would go with one of the smaller penn reels , i pick them up on ebay useally for under 15 dollars. i fish on the coast alot and i find if you spray them down after each trip they will last forever.
  7. catfishing is fun

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  8. suey

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    penn gti 320 and 330 are good reels too

    check walmarts, some of them have abu garcia 7000 on sale for 55 each. if you can find a 7000 for that price, go for it. then you will know if you want to spend 150 on a reel.

    the gti's will run from 70-100

    either way...a good reel will run 70-100 .... a really good one will be more
  9. gadzooks

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    Don't know about other Penn reels, but the 209 is not the best casting reel around. Its stout and does the job, but much prefer casting my Abu's. As for lasting, the Penn's will be there long after the Abu's have been reworked a few times, and be there with only reasonable care. I've been looking at the Shimano TRN 200 lately. Its $59.95 at BPS and other places on the web, holds 300 yards of 20 lb mono, and, from what people tell me, its a much better casting reel than the Abu 7000. It may be my next reel.
  10. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    I would the Abu 7000C3, nice reel for the money.
  11. Cattoo

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    if you are looking for a good inexpensive reel that will take alot of abuse try one of the okuma classic pro reels from catfish connection. i had a couple of them and sold them last year and upgraded to penns,but i wish i still had them. my thing was , they have plastic gears and after disassembling a couple of penn 209 and 309's and seeing the way they were built, i switched to penns. now in retrospect, i don't believe the plastic gears were that big a deal. i caught numerous big fish on these things including my biggest blue to date, a 52 pounder, and never had a problem. as i said earlier, i fish with penns now but the cheaper penn reels are not all they are cracked up to be. first off the okuma reels will outcast the penns. i guess maybe the lighter gears might have something to do with it. second, the okuma reels have a much faster gear ratio. if you are casting long distances with a 209 or 309 you will wear yourself out on the retrieve. third thing is the okumas have a solid graphite frame the penns have hard plastic sides held together by rods and screws, they constantly need tightening and if you drop one onto the rocks you can crack the sideplates. i am going to stay with penn but i am going to upgrade to either something in the gt or ld line. the drawback there is these reels will wind up costing me around $90 to $127 apiece. the bottom line is if you are looking for a cheaper reel that will hold up to some abuse, i would definitely give okuma a shot.
  12. Mickey

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    :confident: :0a26: :0a18: Purchase the 7000c3, keep the maintenance up and clean as needed and this will last forever. How much cheeper can you find for 80.00 investment for a lifetime?
  13. kscathunter

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    Dont forget the 220gto's their around 59.99 its inbetween the 309s and the 320gt2s for quality and price may be just what you guys are looking for. it has not got mutch above freezing here so i havent got to really give them a good trial but they should hold up with the best of them.