What other worms work?

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  1. I keep red worms (eisenia fetida) in a compost bin in my basement and use them to fish for bluegill and the occasional catfish. They work pretty well but they tend to be a little small. Are there any other worm species that you can keep in a bin year round that make a better bait for catfish.

    By the way I have a bias against nightcrawlers because I always seem to kill them in the bin...... I think the Ph gets out of wack????
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    ive found that red worms tipped with meal worms catch decent catfish but i dunno mabout keepin those year round sorry

  3. Cool ... I'll have to try that.
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    We raise African Nightcrawlers for composting. They eat alot and get pretty large. We have one bin right now with 14 dozen that are 10-12" long and the size of a number 2 pencil. Alot of people raise and sell euros too
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    Canadian Nightclawers, that u get from ur local Wal-Mart or baitshop, they are large and they work well for bigger catfish.