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    Iowa / Missouri
    I know I read most of the posts that go on the Missouri/Missouri Lakes/ Reservoirs talk thread and was wondering if others, like me, are always wondering exactly where people are talking about on the lake. I guess my thought is if when posting we would all mention what MM we are talking about or at it might mean more to people who don't know where exactly we are talking about. I've seen several comments like, "around here it's pretty muddy".... or "hows the water up there where you are?" If we would add MM locations I know I would get more out of a lot of these posts as the 72MM fishes quite a bit different than the 32 MM which fishes different than the 12 MM which fishes different than the 2MM. Just a thought and I know a few will feel this is a waste of time but a lot of folks would, I think, get a lot more out of the information posted if they knew it was used or intended for a MM close to them. Oh, by the way, I'm at the 5MM. lol Seriously, any thoughts? Feel free to bash it if you don't agree, I'm married and quite used to being under the thumb so to speak. :eek:oooh:
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    great idea!! snagging wasd great last weekend at 80mm

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    That is a great idea and will help a ton