What Missouri Conservation Catfish are fed!

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    I was always curious to know what they were our locally raised catfish that are used for stocking were fed while they were raised. Well i got around to e-mailing a conservation agent and he send my message to thier hatchery and i got this e-mail from them. I found it pretty neat and interesting, and it may help us experiment with dough baits consisting of this fish food they use to catch better cats!

    Here at Blind Pony Fish Hatchery we raise a variety of fish including
    paddlefish, hybrid-striped bass, bluegill, channel catfish, and largemouth bass.
    We hand feed catfish once a day usually in the afternoon(3:30 pm). When the
    fish are small we feed them a #1 or #2 sinking feed. Once the fish start to
    feed and grow larger we will convert them to a floating feed. As the fish
    continue to grow we will increase the pounds of feed and the size of the feed.
    Here we feed sizes from #1 to #5.

    Paddlefish, hybrid-striped bass, bluegill and largemouth bass we use a feed
    blower to blow feed into the ponds; 1to 3 times a day, depending on the size of
    the fish and what size we need the to be fish (morning 8:30 am , after lunch
    12:30 pm, afternoon 3:30). We start them on sinking feed and convert them to a
    floating feed; same process as catfish.

    For the feed, we currently are using Silver Cup but we have used Zeiglar and
    Aquamax the protein levels range from 40-50%. The smaller fish feed contains
    higher protein levels and as the feed size increases protein level usually are
    slightly lower. The feed contains fish meal, soybean meal, blood meal,
    stabilized fish oil, wheat flour, wheat germ, and a several vitamins and
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    Good! Use all them dang silver carp they can catch. :smile2: