What lake to go to?

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  1. motodragon2003

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    Trying to plan another catfishing trip for my daughter and I, I haven't a clue where to go. I've been to lieber, raccoon, Glenn Flint. They are ok but I would love for her to be part of a 20 lb plus experience.

    We don't really eat any we catch so that isn't a concern of mine. We CPR almost everything minus pan fish.

    Any ideas?

    Oh and we would be bank fishing as the boat is not operational until I put new decking on it.
  2. hdfatboy29

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    bud for bank fishing and for cats that big i,d either go to the lower falls of cataract just off us231 or go to white river right on 39 and 67 there,s a pull off there and if your in a truck you can drive down to it and there,s tons of bank fishing there and couple of small feeder creeks that feed into that area i,ve caught some nice one,s there just off the bank just stay away from the area north of martinsville where all the mexican,s go you,ll see it there,ll be like 15 cars parked there on 67 just go to 39 and cross the bridge and turn right onto the gravel lane you,ll see it and it,s great for either day time or night time fishing i wish ya luck