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    if i catch a turtle what kind do i need to keep to cook and what kind to release ?
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    The soft shells are good eating, The snapping turtles are also good eating, just check your regulations to make sure one or both of them are legal to keep in your state.

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    Ogden, Kansas,
    Snappers are a good choice all around. They get really big and the bigger
    they are the more turtle flesh you can get off of each of them. The usual
    way to harvest them is to use woven cordage traps. Look up a catalog
    from a group called Netcraft. Used to order from them many years ago.
    Don't know if they went under like a lot of warehouse based mail order
    houses in the last ten years. They offer extensive information on turtle
    trapping as well as what to do with the carcass after you harvest them.
    A great selection of custom lure building equipment and supplies that are
    hard to find. I imagine if you cruise these threads, there will be a lot of
    information on other vendors as well. Most fishermen want these turtles
    removed from their waters since they see them as competitors for fish.
    I think of them as buzzards with shells, flippers and generally bad 'tudes.
    They will eat your fish off your stringer and that is very irritating.