What kind of gun?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by kycatman01, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. kycatman01

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    i am looking into getting a new deer rifle or slug gun. i already have sks(7.62x39), a 357 magnum rossi braztech single shot rifle, and (2) muzzleloaders. i just want to try a new gun. i like do that about every 2 or 3 years. i get kind of bored with the same gun. any suggestions?
  2. catsrking

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    My favorite deer gun was a Remington 870 pump w/Hastings rifled barrel. Very reliable, durable and accurate, can't go wrong with one of them.

  3. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon New Member

    I would say jumo up a little, as each of those may be a tad light. If you want a hnadgun go w. a Ruger .454, a T/C Contender in .45-70, or even a New England Handi Rifle in .45-70!!! :big_smile: :lol:
  4. Redd

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    Southeast Kansas
    I'm kinda fond of my .270 savage. It's got what they call an accu-trigger, and it HELPS with the accuracy. It's kinda hard to explain, but just google it, and it'll explain it a lot better'n I can. Although (if you don't have a problem buyin' the shells=$$$:crazy:) a .300 wetherby is also real good. jmo.

  5. dafin

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    Guns are like trucks everyone likes something different. It depends where and how you hunt. I have owned and hunted with most from 22 to 338 mag, each has it time and place.I have settled down to 5 ,a 22, a 3in 20, a 3in 12,A 8mm. and a 264 win mag.They will handle all my hunting needs.
  6. derbycitycatman

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    your first name
    It would depend on what your wanting out of the gun. Do you want a quick moving light gun? or a flat shooter for shooting 300+yds? Any interest in hunting elk? A 30-30 or .243 would be easy and light to carry and still take down deer. A .270 is a great flat shooting rifle. A 30-06 could double as a elk rifle or other big game. Theres also the 7mm mag that is pretty popular.
    I like sticking to the most popular calibers due to price and availibilty of ammo. I dont know much about handguns but mellon seems to have a handle on that.
  7. samh

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    If I wanted one to deer hunt with and maybe take out west for Elk, I'd probably get a 30/06 or 300 win. mag., but if I was get'n it for just deer I'd look real hard at the 260 rem. Shoots 120 and 140 gr bullets, flat shoot'n, don't kick much.
  8. jlingle

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    Altus, Okl
    I'm a huge fan of the .280. In a 140 gr. bullet, it has nearly the same exact ballistics as a 7mm mag in 150 gr. but with less kick. I had a .280 for about 6 years and loved it, then let a buddy (who always borrowed it anyway) talk me out of it. Now I just hunt with my 7 mag. which is another fantastic cartridge. the 7 Mag will kill deer or elk ifyou ever get the itch to go kill one of those.
  9. jailcop2

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    I agree with the 45-70 ,maybe a Marlin .
  10. michiganwhitetailRLM

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    Im more of a bowhunter but still like to use a firearm once in a while.. I picked up on a really nice 12ga. made by marlin firearms. Its bolt action, rather heavy but is leathal and accurate. Im filling my deer tag every year and the game drops where it stands. With its rifled barrel and the right slug im within an inch either way from dead center, using iron sights at 80yrds. Was thinking about monting a scope but i dont have much knowledge with optics.Good luck bro!
  11. IL Hunter

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    Normal, IL
    I can't beat my scoped 870 with a rifled slug barrel on it. In a shotgun only state that's about as good as I can get. It's served me very well.
  12. savage308

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    Victoria, Texas
    Ummm lemme seeeee. I think i'd get a ummmm
    .308 Savage. lol Out of all my guns its my favorite. Straightest shooting, dependable, and not too heavy. I use mine for deer, hogs, and varmits.
    It's been a very, very dependable gun. Hope this helps.
  13. porboy

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    TX Panhand
    No doubt, out of all the guns I have and have owned the best of the best cal
    is a 30-06. Will handle anything from rabbits to moose. If you handload you can load it down to handle little game and load it up for the biggest.
  14. Gabowman

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    I've shot deer with a .300 win mag, a 35 Rem., 30-30, .243......heck, even a .223. Although I've never owned a .270 that would be my choice if I was spending the bucks for another gun. And plan on spending about $200 (minimum) for a decent scope or getting a rifle will be no better than shooting a shotgun. Matter of fact, no rifle I know of would compare to the knock down power of a slug at close range anyway. Guess it really depends on the kinds of places you hunt and what your intentions are.
  15. Bayoubear

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    im not sure yet, will have to check the whole sub-forum here but i think this one may be the first "best gun?" thread for this upcomming deer season. LOLOL :tounge_out:

    check the archives from last fall/winter in this and the guns threads. lots of great info and some technical data too.

    oh yhea, my vote is the ought six or 300 win mag but a rifle is tool. factor in the conditions, the terrain, the game species, an honest eval of your own shooting abilities, etc etc etc and match the rifle caliber to the task you want it to perform, further narrow the list and choose which fits "you" best.
  16. The Undertaker

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    Miami Oklahoma
    Just my honest opinion but I love my .270 in a long rifle and I have taken everything from Mule Deer and Elk in Idaho to Whitetails with a Ruger .44 magnum Hunter Special. I suggest trying just what you are doing and ask around and shoot some different guns and see what is the best for you.Stop by sometime and you can shoot mine and see what you think:0a26:
  17. Cathooker

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    Remington model 700 in a .270 or 30.06 with a good Nikon or Leuopold scope. I have a .270 and I have taken deer up to 250lbs and at ranges of 300 yards with it. Get a good quality ballastic tip bullet in 130 grain and you won't be sorry. The Remington model 700 in a .270 has a mild recoil compared to the 300 magnum. The magnums will make you flinch and miss if you are not used to shooting them.
    My other choice (and I have one of these too) is a model 7 or model 700Remington in a 7mm 08 caliber. Deadly accurate and a real good deer caliber. This round has a light recoil and the 140 grain Remington ballastic tip bullet is awesome on whitetails and mulies.....
  18. laidbck111

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    I really like my 25-06 shoots good and has good stopping power.
  19. I've used my dads .243 remington to knock down my first deer and seemed to do a real good job. I bought my Bushmaster AR15 not too long ago and don't know if it would do the job of knocking down some large game, but you never know.
  20. thomcat

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    pennsylvania 17745
    i use an optima pro 209 magnum .50 caliber.. its one heck of a muzzlel loader