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What kind of Crappie Rig does everyone use?

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What kind of rig does everyone find works best for crappie? What I use most of the time is a spinner with a 1/8-1/4 ounce jig head, and a orange 3" worm on it. Works pretty well for bass too it seems.
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I prefer to use the old fashioned hook, minnow, slip shot sinker, strait lined or beneath a bobber.

Rosie Red minnow's work well in some waters.
I use minnows or wax worms under a slip float.
I was deadset on using 3-way rigs, then changed to carolina style rigs. I got tired of my rigs tangleing up so heres what I did.
I switched 2 a barrell swivel with all the same test line for sinker and hook. Basically, slide a barrell swivel over line and then tie another barrell swivel on the end of line.Tie on whatever length of sinker line you desire. Then go to first swivel and tie on whatever length "bait" line you want. Then on the sinker line I used the cotter pin idea from the library. Thus if snagged, you only lose the sinker and not the whole rig.(posted on old board by another member.)It's kinda inbetween a slip sinker setup and a bottom setup.
This way you can get off the bottom and have good bait presentation too.
I tried the cotter pin setup in the yard. I really liked that setup.(Thanks to the member whose name I can't remember)
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I catch most of my Crappies on a number 6 hook .... rigged with a curly tail grub ... a slow steady retrieve works best for me with and occasional stop and sink ... I also use my Ice jigs tipped with a curly tail grub when i want more of a finesse route ...

i like to fish docks or any cover with a dropshot rig. I usually just use a cheap crappie jig or a roadrunner.
I use the old standby, minnows, number 6 hook and a slip float. I've also caught bass, cats and buffaloes.

Been real slow here, went out yesterday with my underwater camera to the brush pile, didn't see any crappie but did see some small cats, bass and carp.
Ya made it Dayton! All rite!
George, I made it but my stars didn't. Do we have to start over there also? :confused:
I always like to use a jig with a curly tail, and a minnow. Then float it right over brush piles
Thanks Dave.
Disregard my email.
I bet you folks are staying busy taking care of us. :)
I like to use a Minnow under a silp-float - if not a Minnow, a small curly tail jig work ok for me. :D

Bert :cool:
I use 1/32 to 1/16 ounce jigs. Curly tail,tripple ripple,Kalin's, panfish assassin's and just about any other small artificial offering. 75% of the time I use 2# P-Line and the rest of the time I use 4# P-Line. I use G-Loomis SJR 6400 rods with TICA CETUS SB-500 reels.I go ultra light and artificial right down the line. I know it's a bit unorthodox by most crappie fisherman's standards BUT I load the freezer and give away and give away filets every year. Been doin' it this way for years.

whatever it takes

hey gang, made it back.

We've been trolling with a sprider rig. 16 foot deep with 5 to 8 oz. sinker. Hooks set at 12 and 14 foot. Deb still wants to reel those babies in. Then have to reset that pole. We're using jigs, minnows and crankbaits nothing is doing any better than the other. With a 10 inch slot, most are throw backs. We end the day at about 10 am, starting to get on the warm side. We ended one trip with 2 16 inchers and another trip with 30 10 1/2 inchers. Leaving out again saturday morning at 4 am. Good luck yall.
Try this for some good fun; Set up in a likely spot with an anchor out the front and one out the back to hold the boat steady. Put out fishing lites which will draw in the baitfish and, as a result, the crappies. Drop down a #4 hook with a split shot at different depths. You can have some killer nites.
My mamma taught me that to catch speckled perch you Had to use missouri minnows on a #2 gold hook, a single split shot hanging under a carolina float, I guess all ytall that catchem otherways are just a fluke, HUH?
I use a slip bobber, a small split shot, a gold crappie hook. I will use a smaller size minnow. crappie seem to like the smaller ones. I sometimes put a crappie jig and a minnow in a slip bobber. I call this rig a shig( jig and shinner).
I like to either use a slip rig, or cast and retreive slowly with a yellow or green mister twister spinner.
Many things work such as, using floaters with a minnow below it.chartreuse jigs have worked great for me lately since its got a little colder down here.I hope that helps u guys out.
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