What jig?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by kat buster, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. kat buster

    kat buster New Member

    Ok I have narrowed it down to two jigs. The bitzenber and the arizona e-z fletch. Which one is easier to use? Oh and what hetical should i use thank you?
  2. flathead willie

    flathead willie Well-Known Member

    I haven't used those models but I like my Jo-Jan. The twist you use depends on the bow you shoot and the rest you use. Try right, left and strait and see which flies best off your bow.

  3. center12

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    The Bitzenberg is the "standard" by which all other jigs are measured. Great jig but clamps are pricey. The e-z fletch is fast but adjustments are limited to what fingers you have in at the time(R-L helical, straight), feathers were an absolute nightmare on my e-z. If your going to do a lot(many dozen) then I'd get a Jo-Jan multi, if ya got money to spare the Bitzenberg is awesome, if you'll never do feathers then an e-z works well. Me, I went with the cheap Martin and bought all the clamps, but I also have an e-z with all the clamps also. The Martin for feathers and hard Helical and the e-z for quick-set gells and straight vanes.

    What kind of rest do you have, what method of release, what broadhead, they all make a difference as far as fletch comfigurations go.