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Discussion in 'Shad Talk' started by Ictalurus Punctatus, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Ictalurus Punctatus

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    For the second consecutive trip last night I was able to catch shad for bait with a casting net. Trivial to good fishermen, I know, but to me, accomplishing what is commonplace for a good fisher, means I'm getting better. I'm very new to fishing out of a boat and don't really have anyone to go with me who can show me things. Most of what I know came from the BOC, the rest was from my own experience trying something I read on the BOC. Thanks to everyone who's offered advice on this board.

  2. waterwalker

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    Most things we learn in life are done with trial and error and of coarse with a little help from a friend.

  3. EricM

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    Congratulations! It wasn't that long ago that I too had the thrill of finally pulling in the net and having that silver flash in it! There is something special about learning for yourself how to do things. There is nothing trivial about your accomplishment! All of the advice in the world won't get it done, you have to go out and apply that advice to your own situation. I just about burst when I finally caught a blue cat that weighed 8 pounds! And then a 10 pounder! With the 22 lb blue I didn't even quit hyperventilating before I called my wife to tell her! I don't think we need to discuss what happend to my lucky fishing pants with that first one over 60. :eek:oooh: Because something appears to be commonplace doesn't mean that the excitement is gone, it just means that we don't have to change our underwear (as often). Be proud of each of your accomplishments, it takes a lot of failures to achieve them! Congratulations again!
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    With all you are learning...I guess it won't be long till you get an avitar with a big fish in it posted. There is so much info here on this site. I have learned alot here too. Plus made some new friends. (Even though some of them LOVE pink and LOVE twinkies.)You know who you are!
  5. Icebox33

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    I just bought a castnet today and had it out in the backyard trying to learn to throw it. I am sure that the joggers that frequent our neighborhood probably thought I was crazy! Im hoping I can net myself some good bait too!:big_smile:
  6. suddawg

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    I know if myself and TA2D didn't have this site we wouldn't of found the best bait that we've ever used. Nothing has beat fresh caught gizzard shad, and thanks to the BOC for helping us learn about cast nets. We love this site more than anything.

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    keep reading keep posting results.im 65 yrs old.and caught my personal best this year from one of the guys on heres advice.as for peeing on electric fence been there done that.NOT FUNNY
  8. Ol Man

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    I'm a lot smarter today than I was yesterday thanks to the BOC...:big_smile:

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