What is your first memory?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Catgirl, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. Catgirl

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    This is a subject I've been thinking about today. I've known what my first memory is, well, as long as I can remember. :smile2:

    Some friends of my parents came to visit. They had a little girl about the same age as me.

    I was sick, and wasn't able to play with her while she was there.

    Mom had me in my crib, covered with a damp sheet in order to bring my fever down.

    Tammy, my little friend, was allowed to come into my room to say goodbye to me.

    I remember looking through the "bars" of the crib at her, and waving. She waved back.

    The second memory I recall was when I was in kindergarten. Gran was my teacher - she ran a private kindergarten for 30 years.

    We lived right down the dirt road in a mobile home. (My parents made the downpayment on it by selling my Mom's 1959 Chevrolet Bel-Air. After that we had a VW Bug.)

    Anyhow, my parents went out and bought a "new" car (this was 1968). They drove by the kindergarten building on the way home, and all of us kids ran to the windows to look out and see. It was a 1964 Chevrolet Impala, light blue, and boy was I excited and proud.
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    I think my first memory is at my grandmothers house. I stayed with her during the day, before I was old enough for school, while my parents were at work. She lived across the street from us in a mobile home. She always had some oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies. The air vents were on the floor and I would put a paper towel over the vent and put my cookie on the towel. The heat would blow on the cookie and make it soft.... It was good. Those were good times.

  3. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    I can remember sitting in my crib looking out a window. My older sisters tell me my crib was only near that particular window, for a few weeks while I was about 6 months old.

    I also remember a few things from last week, not too clear though.:wink:
  4. GaryF

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    O.P., KS
    When I was 2 years old, we lived in Whitehall Ohio for about 8 months. I think I might have a memory that precedes that, when I was 1 year old, but it's suspiciously like a picture I have from that time, so I'm not sure if I remember the actual event, or if I just remember the picture. In Ohio I remember playing in a creek near our house, and the trauma of not being able to get back up the embankment there.

    I've got a few solid memories from the house we lived in in Kansas City when I turned 3 years old... One was a tornado watch, my parents tried to explain to me what a tornado was and I promptly headed out to the back yard to look for one, beneath bushes, between the houses, under the back porch, and places like that. :smile2:
  5. Catgirl

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    I resemble that remark. :eek:oooh:

    Joey, the cookies made me think of my great-grandma's house.....and I b'lieve this was in between the two memories I mentioned previously.

    I can remember how her kitchen was set up, and she always had a jar of cookies in the middle of the stove. Icebox black walnut cookies is what they were called. I'd like to eat another one of those someday.
  6. willcat

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    i dont really remember too much from younger days, except that my parents sent me to a private catholic school w/new cowboy boots that I just wouldnt take off. I dont know why the fight started, but i do remember he was older than me, and all i could od was kick him in the shins, till they kicked me out..that started my public school days lol--it's all sketchy from there, dont really remember too much else
  7. Jerry60k

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    Chelyan, West V
    I remember my parents getting the divorce when I was 3-4 and my dad stole my brother and I and headed to Cincinnati (sp?) got there he turned around and brought us back but I still vaguely remember driving past the stadium.

    Dont know if we were so ornery he or that he was scared of my mom the he brought us back lol. Mom always said it was cause we were little hoodlums but we found out after her funeral from our Dad that it was indeed fear of her as she had phoned ahead and threatened his life :eek:oooh:

    Also the only Christmas I can recall with my dad he got us little battery operated CHiPs 3 wheelers and my brother ran his over the mountain and my mom sold them.I was 3 and my brother 5.
  8. BassMassey

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  9. fishnfwl

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    South Cent
    Hmmmm, Not real sure of age was either 2-3, remember being at my gramma's and My great gramma would set me on her leg/lap and do the horse ride, that Christmas I got the cowboy outfit hat,vest,double 6 guns, boots LOL, the hole 9yrds. Pops (grandpa) had got a puppy when I was 1 for my B-day (This I was told) any who, "Bruno" was my dog he was a Neapolitan Mastiff and when I got that stuff on Christmas Ol' Bruno soon became my Horse LOL, pop set me up an old milk crate so I could get on that old dog and I remember many, many days riding him around the house that winter, would either hold his ears or the scruff of his neck, He never cared about anything I done around or to him, slept with me every night...... But I actually remember Him before I got the cowboy items...... I have looked today and can not find the correct album but I know there are a few pics of me and my dog that was about 3"s taller than me at his shoulder.....LMAO! Great thread, must have wasted 4 hours today upstairs looking at some old photo's!
  10. smokey

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    I was three and my dad was building our new house.There was this big long plank, it must have been a 2x10 but anyway I was sliding down the plank on my butt.I remember the splinter going into my thigh and all of the blood.Man did that hurt.
  11. Fishmaster1203

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    I remember when I was 4 I was shiner fishin' down near Orlando, Florida when I caught my first 5 pound bass.

    Been fishin' ever since then. :big_smile: LOL
  12. Mickey

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    Interesting thread. Thanks. I was 2-3 years old and my father had a truck load of watermelons from the south, he was taken to markets in Chicago to sell. I was excited to see all the bright colorful lights as we drove through the city. It has always stayed on my mine. Like Kutter I can remember much from last week.
  13. Catgirl

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    I feel for ya Joe. I think I was in third grade.....along the window wall of our classroom (at the bottom) there were cubbyholes, one for each student. The formica edging of the countertop had peeled away, revealing wood.

    Why I was doing this I have no idea, but I had my rear-end up against that and was sliding along sidestepping. All of a sudden, my butt felt like it had been stabbed. I knew a BIG splinter must be in there, but I was too ashamed (thought I'd get in trouble for doing that) to tell the teacher.

    I waited until I got home that day and told Mom and Dad. They pulled it out. That sucker was about 2 1/2 inches long and at least 1/4 inch wide.

    Another early memory, and a fond one.....standing up and singing my first solo at Grandaddy's church, at around five years of age.

    Thanks for providing some interesting reading everybody!
  14. SkipEye

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    Winfield, MO
    Can't even remember what my first memory was/is anymore.

    I'm quite sure I must of had a childhood!:smile2:

    Hell..... I can't even remember most of my adulthood! LOL!!!!
  15. john catfish young

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    The older I get, the less I can remember. I can't even remember what I had for supper last night....LOL. There is one thing that definetly sticks out in my mind though. I think I was about 3 or 4 and went fishing with my family at a private lake. It was called Perry's pond in Ohio. There was an Island and a little wooden walk way that led out to the island. I was told to stay off of it, but you know how kids are. I had to walk out onto it. The walkway collapsed and I fell into the water. I was screaming and shouting and crying for help, I'm drowning, I'm drowning. My mother came running in to get me. Then she yelled at me and told me to just stand up, stand up, stand up. The water was only knee deep. I was the laugh for many years to come following that tragedy. Since all my clothes were soaking wet....the only thing dry was an old shirt that belonged to my Aunt. They put the shirt on me for pants. That was back in 1965 or 1966. It seems as though the things that stand out in my mind are really the things that I would like to forget ever happened.....LOL.:embarassed:
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    Ditto Ditto
  17. olefin

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    I can remember my mom giving me a bath in the kitchen sink.. surely I was pretty young. :smile2:


    What was the Question again
  19. anchorpuller

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    North Caro
    One of my earliest memories was an episode with my Grandpa. My grandparents were the type to "dress for bed"; meaning they wore clothes ALL the time. The only time I can even fathom one of them being nekkid was when they took thier once a week bath. They even wore their pajamas under thier regular clothes in the winter for warmth.

    The old house had no indoor plumbing until sometime before I came along, when they added on a bathroom to the backporch. It joined the house via a door to the living room. You could swim in that big claw foot bathtub!

    The living room was a big wooden floored room with a couch, a chair, a couple of end tables, a black and white tv, and a big fuel oil heater.
    Pa had degenerative arthritis that progressed from walking with a cane to an eventual wheelchair bound handicap. This memory was before his cane.

    Now on Fridays, Ma and I (about three years old) did the grocery shopping at the Big Bear in town. Then we drove to the next town to the local ABC store to get Pa's once a week bottle. Ma never told me what we were doing, I learned that many years later. It was just "an errand" for Pa.

    The big eat-in kitchen had a large walk in pantry where the groceries were kept....along with a well hidden bottle on Fridays for Pa.

    This particular Friday, I was sitting on the couch watching Hee Haw or some such program from the time, when Pa came out of the bathroom dancing. I can see him in his dress trousers and slim black belt, a short sleeved white "work" button up shirt tucked in. The belt was undone and Pa was doing a jig in his socks over the living room floor. I just giggled as he laughed harder. About the time his pants took leave of his waist and fell to his knees revealing his checkered boxer shorts, Grandma came in. Pa laughed even louder and I was giggling as if I'd hit the pantry with him. I can still hear in my minds ear, Grandma saying "ROLAND GET YER PANTS ON" all the while beating him with a kitchen towel.

    I do not remember ever again seeing Pa in his drawers, but that time still brings a smile to my face.
  20. 223reload

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    I can remember a ton,its just jumbled up as to when. I do remember at a very early age,Being in the hospital ,under an oxygen tent with double pneumonia. :sad2: