What is wrong with that generation???

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    Here is the scoop:

    There is an old fellow named Gene down the road from me who is 85 years old. He found out my mother in law had cancer this summer and without anyone saying a word, every week he brought her fresh veggies from his garden so she didnt have to go shopping. He brought her so much in fact that she did all of her canning this year (over 500 quarts) without having to go to the store once.

    Well Gene went into the hospital a few days ago. He had a diabetic episode and nearly died from it. For the record he is alright now. H should be released by friday.

    My buddy and I went to his house to go get his mail for him, make sure his furnace was keeping the pipes from freezing, and to clean the place up for him so he had a nice house to come home to... general good-guy things... ya know. Things the heart tells ya to do.

    In the process of doing this we found out that he has less than a hundred dollars to his name, no propane, no vacuum in the house, and his cupboards and freezer were totally empty. I mean not even a single can of beans or a bag of dry noodles in any of the 6 cupboard in his house, nothing but frost in his freezer, and a single bottle of water in the fridge. THAT WAS IT.

    What is it about that generation?

    They give ya anything you need, usually are the first to help when they find out someone is in need, but they never ever ask for anything- even when their conditions are absolutely dire like this guy!!!!

    My mother in law is feeling better. Shes sending down all of the stuff he sent to her, but canned so he can eat it. My buddy and I are processing a fallow deer and a pig for him (all burger cause he has no teeth). We're filling his propane tank up with a hundred bucks worth which will hold him over for a month... but still. All he had to do was tell us what was going on. Not even ask... and we would do it for him.

    So what is it about that generation? My grandparents are exactly the same way!
    I knew a fellow from the same generation who told me once that he has to eat cat food and kraft singles at the end of every month to make due till the next check came in. From that point on I always brought him a bag of groceries on the 20th of the month... just to make sure I didnt have to think about him eating 9-lives.

    Is is pride?

    Is it self-pity?

    Gosh... I wish this fellow would have said something at all.

    Im stuffing a hundred dollar wally world card in his wallet tonight when I go to feed his dog. This is just not right.

    FOLKS- when you get that age, or even now.... ask for help from your circle of friends and neighbors! Nobody in their right mind would let you suffer.

    Lord help him....
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    very inspiring post. No, its not pride, its not self-pity. It's how they were raised. Many of the people of that generation lived through the depression. Making due with what they had to. It is simply what they know.

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    That is a great post Sal, and Tony I agree with what you said. thanks
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    I agree with the other posts. Thats the way they were raised...to help those in need.

    I just lost a great aunt (she was 94), and still got out and tilled her own garden every year (and it was a big one) and planted and hoed it. She had a little red wagon and it would hold 10 1 gallon milk jugs. She would fill them with water and drag down to the garden to water her plants, morning and night. I told her just to use the garden hose and do it and she said that this is the way it was done back then and refused to do it with the garden hose. She wouldn't let anyone mow her grass either and it was also a big yard. Still cooked on the old wood cook stove too. She cut and split her own wood for that too. One heck of a gal.

    Oh, she gave almost all of the garden stuff away too.
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    Sal Jr the last line of your post was "Lord help Him". He has heard that prayer. He has sent you and others to help.The thoughtfulness, careing and your given will not only be measured on this earth.Thanks to what you are doing and for sharing with us.:big_smile:
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    Ithaca, MI
    Yeah... Old Gene cut his own wood too and would not let us help.

    So my buddy an I would sneak on his land at night when we knew he had taken out his hearing aid for the evening and steal a load of wood, split it on my neighbors splitter and stack it for him before he woke up. I still dont think he knows how 4 cord of wood showed up a little at a time already cut for him. lol

    I think Tony called it right- "The depression generation". Thats gotta be it.

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    first off people of the older generations were taught take care of your friends and neighbors no matter what
    and you dont complain it could get worse

    you have done a great thing by doing what you have done the older ones trying to live on social security dont get enough to live on a lot of them do without or like you said they live on dogfood at the end of the month

    some have to make a choice between staying warm or buying medicines to keep them alive

    that is on thing that makes me ashamed of our political leaders that we let our older people go hungry and build statues libraries to some politician
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    Yup, they're from the pre-social service generation, when nieghbors took care of nieghbors, and took responsability for thier own actions.

    Get with your local social services in regards to him. That's what they're for. It'll be helping him instead of someone less deserving. Boy, I could've phrased that last sentence to offend a bunch:wink:

    Like you Sal, I started on here to help people out in my own way, because it made me feel good.

    I saw apreciation and plenty thank you's for what I do. I've seen plenty in the past years on here that burns me out in regards to what I do also.
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    God Bless you richly Sal for helping this Elderly gentleman out.:big_smile:
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    very good deed Sal and i have known folks like that as well wouln't it be nice to be able it instill that sense of selflessness to our own children
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    Great post Sal. May God bless him ,and bless you also.The bible says "GIVE AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN BACK,PRESSED DOWN AND OVERFLOWING". I know thats true, and when you give out of your own need,its amazing what happens.We need more people to reach out to our seniors whether they are family or not,whether we have a lot or little,.Keep on keeping on.
    It is a sad thing that we cant help pour seniors.Its funny I say seniors, because Im a senior also, but dont reall feel like one for the most part.I have 4 people that here in the park wher we live , and they are alone. I make my rounds a couple times a day, sometimes just to sit and chat, they just need to know that someone is there.
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    Sal, my great-grandparents were, and my grandmother who raised me whom is still living is like that also. is it old age that makes folks that way? what i mean is, is it the fact that when a person has lived that long, seen what they have seen, experienced a lifetime of experiences, has realized that "giving" brings true happiness and fulfillment? you are a wonderful person for helping him out the way you are! shoot me a PM of an addreess and i'll send what little i can to help you stock up his cupboards.:smile2: when a person gets to that age they shouldnt have to worry about anything, especially food!
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    Sal, remember one thing. If he's like the similar folks I know, it means more to him that someone from the younger generation turned out like you have, then the help you have given him.
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    I agree with everthing that is said on here but I know with me I think a lot of it is independence.We just don't like to have to depend on anyone for anything. We are set in doing things our way and thats all there is to it. GOD Bless you Sal for what you have done for this gentleman.Hope he gets to feeling better.
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    Sal: First off, thank you for all you and your friend have been doing for Gene.

    I agree with Tony (TDAWGOK), it is not "self pride" nor is it "self pity". Self reliance and making do with what you have was a way of life when Gene was being raised. Other attributes of his generation were honor (your word was your bond), thrift (don't waste a thing), and charity (share with your neighbors).
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    Sal, I to want to thank you and your friend for the help you have extended to this man in need, we need more people like you in this world. My wife is retiring in april this year,and she told me just last week, that she wants to spend the rest of her life Taking care of the older folks in our town. Things like taking them to the doctor and to the grocery store picking up their medicine and just to let them know that their is someone that cares, that means so much to an older person living along.
    Thanks again Sal,
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    I wouldn't go so far as attributing Gene's behavior to a whole generation. I have experience with a 95 year old that at best could be referred to as mean spirited. No Alzheimer, been that way for ever. Giving of your self, from what ever generation is learned behavior. We are taught that it is better to give than receive. We are taught that we reap what we sow. The shame is some people never learn.There are plenty of people from my generation, your generation, past generations and future generations that fall into the same mold as your friend Gene. Look at our own membership here and include your self Sal, age and era are not necessarily prerequisites for a giving heart. I think we can condense Gene's behavior down to one word, LOVE. Helping others is a outright act of brotherly love, and not wanting to burden others with your troubles, is an act of love also. Some people are givers and some are takers. The givers know love, have love and give love. The takers need love, want love and hoard love. No, I don't think it is generational I think it is spiritual and we learn to love by being loved.:smile2: