What is the Single Biggest Problem Our Society Faces Today?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Catcaller, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Catcaller

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    Take this question...and consider it completely before you answer hastily.

    We are faced with oh-so-many problems in our country today...as well as on the world stage.

    They're all right there...take your pick of the litter.

    Which ONE in your humble opinion is the single biggest problem our great nation, or the world in general, faces as a whole...or on an individual basis??
  2. baitchunker

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    global warming never really bothered me untill the southeren drought pushed saltwater so far up into the delta and rivers that i have to drive an hour north to catch catfish. but, even that is shadowed by the pitiful state of the American economy. which is inmho partly caused by a popularly growing attitude endorsed by the youth of the country which loosely translates to something like "who cares about the other ppl? i have to take care of me and mine. i want it. i m gonna get it. no matter the longterm cost to anyone." of course there is a war going on. enough said on that one.

    but, hands down the biggest problem I am facing is what to get Amy for valentines day.

  3. john catfish young

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    We face many difficult problems as a nation today. I think the biggest problem that we face is probably the fact that" Iran "continues to develope Nuclear technologies. They have said that they are only interested in nuclear power for electricity puposes or power supply. I don't think that is the truth however. I think they want more than anything else to be a super power in the world. They have not shown themselves to be trustworthy or responsible. If they obtain nuclear weapons...they will use them against all those who oppose them. I think that if they get these weapons...so will the terrorists. They should be stopped, but at what cost? They control much of the worlds oil supply. I don't know what the solution is, but I do know that it is a very serious problem.:confused2:
  4. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

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    Sarver, Pa
    I would have to say the biggest problem in the country is all our American companys are closing their plants here and moving them overseas. The middleclass worker is becoming an endangered species! :sad2: The middleclass working people are the people that fuel the economy which is part of the reason the economy is in big trouble right now!
  5. Ketch

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    I don't think any one problem really sticks out, but I think a lot of them come about as a result of one problem.

    The decline of the family unit in society has led to numerous other sets of problems which by themselves could be potentially the worst ones. I think the lack of morality, lack of drive by the youth today, gang activity, and many other problems are all a direct result of the family as it was in our society. Not just the physical presence of a mother and father, but the presence of LOVING and CARING people in the household who aren't too busy for kids.
  6. alands94

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    Lebanon, I

    Chad, you and I are pretty close in our opinions. My general belief is lack of respect causes most problems to occur. Lack of self respect (laziness, no motivation) and lack of respect for others (crime) and the environment (global warming). People are also generally lazy, refusing to open their minds to new ideas. It's hard to be more specific. For example, if we solved the oil problem, violence, drug abuse, global warming, etc. there would always be something else just as problematic. I am not wanting to sound like a pessimist, just a realist. I don't have much faith in a lot of people (not ALL people, just the majority). Maybe this is why I often daydream about living on a deserted island :big_smile: Seriously, though, this is one of the things that appeals to me about fishing. I can go alone or with a friend and generally not deal with the idiots of the world. Although I have encountered some idiots while fishing, it doesn't seem as prevalent as in everyday life. Just my 2 cents.....
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    Lonedell M
    I believe the biggest problem we face right now is substance abuse..I'm not talking about the person that wants to sit and smoke a joint or the person that wants to drink a beer. When these actions lead to abuse then it effects us all in one way or another. And before anyone jumps in and says that smoking a joint is abuse as it is illigal I understand.. I speaking of those people who can not stop at one or two beers or smokes a little weed to relax. We loose more lives a year to drug overdose and drug or alcohol related vehicle accidents. I have seen personally countless familys be destroyed by drug and alcohol addiction and because of my job I have had to deal with these people. Many of them would loose everything to hang on to the drug. I'm not trying to say the war in Iraq is not important or the immigration problems we are having are not important. I just feel if we do not do something to change this spiral we will find substance abuse effecting us in all areas. The unfortunate fact is if we clean up the drug problem now it will raise its ugly head again years later. That is way it is my opinion we have to work on building up the person so he or she does not need or want the escape he or she gets with the high.
  8. ncfowler

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    We have become self invloved as a nation that we forget that we are all of one family of man. We well at least most of the general population are imagrates who came her for a better life. For a long time it had been easy to get a job work for a company retire and enjoy the fruits of our labor. But coprate america has become greddy as well as the worke force, focing us to the brink of total loss of employment. We want higher wages and coprate want higher profits. Now we are looking at the results of our greed. jobs going over seas due to lower wages and lack enviormenatl laws. We are forced to get almost all mfg products form some over seas company. Why did this happen look at the way we are with out purchaes, we want low prices, we replace stuff cheaper than getting it fixed, Prime example we had a dryer for 10 yrs first the heater coil went out i fixed it cost me $35 the motor went out a year later the cost of the motor was $250 the cost of a new dryer was $300 at this point in the long run it was cheaper to get a new dryer, did i need a new dryer no but i was forced in looking into repair over long term use. I'm not saying I not part of the problem i am just like all the other Joes. what i am saying is we as a nation need to re-evaluate the way we live our lives and spend, We need to get back to basic in jobs, and income. We need to get jobs back here and make it more appealing for companys to stay here. We are the blame, we allowed our goverment to spend unchecked, we allowed, companys to go over seas by not working with them to keep them here, I work for a company where we are trying to stay afloat the owners and employes are working together as a team, money is not a issue we have not asked for a rise for the last 5 yrs what we do get is a security the owners are up front if there is money to have we get it at the end of the year as a bouns some years its is good, other not so good. So what is the problem i will say the aditude that we are entitled, well i'm here to say wake up were not. Take it for what it's worth.
  9. kat in the hat

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    All societal ills aside, I consider the biggest challenge this country faces is an energy crisis. The dependence on petroleum, and the impending shortage of it will be a very difficult hurdle to jump imo.
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    All of the world's pressing problems aside, and there are many that need to be addressed. A few that stand out in my mind..........

    The decline and fall of the family unit has loosed a multitude of ills on society. When I was a young person, an out-of-wedlock pregnancy was a social disaster, hence the occasion known as a shotgun wedding. Now, the same event hardly stirs a yawn. I even have a grandson whose mother is unmarried. He lives with us while Mommy lives in another town. At 32, she still isn't ready to be a Mom. Show me a social ill, and most likely it is tied to one parent families and the lack of supervision of our youngsters.

    The exportation of our good factory jobs overseas is another example. We are well on the way to becoming just another nation, instead of the world leader. Our way of life is going away. Actually it is kind of an oxymoron. The companies take their manufacturing overseas because $20 per hour factory workers make goods cost more than $20 per month workers make. Basic economics... keeps goods cheap, but if we all lose those great jobs, and have to work in the retail sector, how much longer can we buy those foreign produced goods, no matter how cheap? Does anyone feel good about Abu Garcia moving the production of their parts to China? How about those guys in Sweden....think they liked having their jobs shipped to China? How about the real net result.....a far more powerful China to threaten our way of life!

    I am 67, when I graduated in '59, I had every reason to expect that I would find a good job, whether I wanted college or not. When I retired 8 years ago, I was making 65k per year, so I did find that good job, as did most of my peers. It ain't so today, folks. My daughter is a college graduate, and she doesn't make near that kind of cash. My generation may well be one of the last in America that lives a full life like I have.

    As for jobs here, illegal immigration is a severe problem. Yet, how can you place the blame on an immigrant for trying to improve his situation? He comes here, knowing he can make ten times what his salary was back home. Would they come if they knew beyond all doubt that there were no jobs? No way....the blame lies with the people that furnish him a job, and until they get punished so severely that they stop hiring undocumented labor, the folks down south will keep coming.

    Don't even get me started on the idiots that do drugs. They destroy themselves and fund a trillion dollar industry. On a lighter vein, the following pretty much sums up my life[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]............

    I did have a drug problem when I was young.

    I was drug to church.
    I was drug to family reunions,funerals, weddings and
    community socials no matter the weather.
    I was drug by my ears when I was
    disrespectful to adults.
    I was also drug to the woodshed
    when I disobeyed my parents,
    told a lie, brought home a bad report card,
    did not speak with respect,
    spoke ill of the teacher or the preacher,
    or if I didn't put forth my best effort
    in everything that was asked of me.
    I was drug to the kitchen sink
    to have my mouth washed out with soap
    if I uttered a profane four-letter word.
    I was drug out to pull weeds in mom's
    garden and flower beds
    and cockleburs out of dad's fields.
    I was drug to the homes of family, friends,
    and neighbors to help out some poor soul
    who had no one to mow the yard,
    repair the clothesline, or chop some firewood.
    Those drugs are still in my veins;
    and they affect my behavior in everything
    I do, say, and think.
    They are stronger than cocaine, crack, or heroin;
    and, if today's children
    had this kind of drug problem,
    America would be a better place!
  11. Catcaller

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    The biggest problem that I see in todays society is the apathy...and lack of love and/or respect for one another...even if their opinion differs...or they themselves are different.

    For the most part...it's a dog eat dog world...a perpetual rat race that never ends...and gets worse as we speak.

    Since I was a kid in the 70's our quality of living has steadily declined across the board.

    Would anybody even think these days of leaving your door unlocked at night?

    I think not. I live in a small town even...but have lived in a big city before.

    Not for me.

    The technological advances we have experienced in the last 20 plus years is phenominal.

    That's a good thing right?

    I'm not so sure it is.

    Has the family suffered since the infusion of cable tv and internet in nearly every room of every household... a cell phone in everyhand....emails instead of a telephone call, a letter, or a face to face conversation that might have otherwise taken place?

    That would be a personal judgement call....but less peace of mind and less interaction with other activities in the real world definately do occur to me when it comes to internet and cable.

    "Ahhh...that chore can wait...my show is on. It'll still be there tomorrow"

    No one can deny that the level of trust we have for fellow man has declined just from the 70's...I can't imagine how much from the 40's or 50's. (My great grandpas time...waaay before me)

    Nowadays if a homeless man came up to your driveway...he'd likely get shot....or at least chewed up by the dog(s).

    Back then...according to my grandma...he'd get fed a hot meal...he'd split some wood...carry some water...and crash out in the barn overnight.

    What has happened to us since then??
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    I just realized this thread is in the General area.
    I typed up a post that will surely end up in the Hi area.
    Some of it was joking . I'll be a little conservative on my commit.:roll_eyes:

    Its hard to rap it up into one thing. Cause and effect. For every action, there is a reaction. LOL

    I could say Greed without conscience.
    Power hungry
    maybe Lack of accountability is a better word.
    Balance maybe.
    Shoot you got me.

    if its one thing, one word. I'll take a wild guess at it.
    I would say in one Simple word "politicians":tounge_out:
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  14. Mickey

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    Since we no longer have the multi quote button I will just say all of the above.
  15. Big Sam

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    What everyone has said so far could be #1 on my list:smile2: I was thinking that could it be that our own development and race to be technologicaly advanced be the cause of it all? Because someone said the decline of the family, the industrial revolution contibuted strongly to that...the invention of TV which took away conversation, working together to live and supply our own food by horse and wagon, replaced by the car....then computers (at one now) :eek:oooh::smile2: development of nuclear power, rising cost of everything for the need to fuel all these inventions. Our race for technology to me was our own downfall, dont know the answer or if there is one.. i too enjoy driving and tv and CP and.........:tounge_out::wink: fishing. I do think a good start would be designate family time which would encourage values, morals and healthy personal growth.:big_smile:
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    south carolina
    you know, i am not pointing thei at all of the youth of today, but a vast majority of the youth it will apply too. the youth of today are not held to the standards they should be held too. to much is handed to them. most do not have to work for anything, everything they want or desire is handed to them. the responsibility is not there. most are not held responsible for ther actions. bad kids are being told they have A.D.D. or some other mental instabilty that sounds to me like was made up so that the parents can pay a high dollar to dope of thier kids and not have to deal with them. the respect is gone. no-one respects their elders anymore, and most would like nothing better than to skate through life without ever having to lift a finger or work for anything. someone tells the parents that thier kids are misbehaving, and the parents tell them" you just dont understand him". yes i do, he is a punk that needs a good whippin with a belt to straighten him out. it makes me sick to watch these kids walk down the street like the own the entire world. maybe its just me, but i cannot stand to deal with disrespectful kids.
  17. Grimpuppy

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    Concordia, KS
    Laziness. We have decided to try and help everyone out that is to lazy to get a job, show up, and work for a living. Wonder why all the jobs are going elsewhere? They are willing to work. We are so short handed at work right now. We have turned down over 1 million dollars of work this year already because we can not get good help. We need welders like there is no tomorrow. We are willing to train them. We pay very, very good. We have to let most of them go because either they only show up 3 days a week, or do about 2 hours of work in an 8 hour day. And some quit after a month because they didn't get a raise. They actually complained they didn't get a raise when they missed at least 1 day a week the first month. I have talked to several of our customers, suppliers and even our competitors. They all say the same thing. No one wants to work. If everyone actually worked that was capable, the economy would be a lot better and other things would take care of them selves.
  18. pk_powell

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    Have lost our fear and our respect for God! I believe that is why Iraq refer to us as Infidels.JMHO~~~~~~~~~Sister Pat
  19. CountryHart

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    I'm sayin work ethics, of course moral values, substance abuse and lord only knows how many other things plague this country but i think if folks would go to work and quit holding there hand out,,,we can over come most of the issues we face. Jus one mans opinion.

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    single biggest problem or society faces. lets see. polotitions and everybody not living in the u.s.a.:confused2: